The 2015 UK Enterprise Mobility Forecast

August 10, 2015

Here in the UK, it is no secret that the unpredictable weather can change in an instant, and the same can be said of how companies perceive Enterprise Mobility.

Where technologies and approaches are changing so rapidly, it can be hard to predict which mobility trends will take the UK by storm.

Companies of all sizes, across all industry verticals, are embracing enterprise mobility to both enable their employees and engage their customers. However, the rate of adoption and the attitudes towards mobility from a wider business perspective are still very fragmented, and enterprises are looking for a brighter outcome.

Ahead of the 2015 Enterprise Mobility Exchange, UK event next month, this infographic presents a forecast for each of the following five key areas of Enterprise Mobility: Strategic Enterprise Mobility, Mobile Security and Data Protection, Customer Centricity, Internet of Things, and Future Expectations.

Places at the Enterprise Mobility Exchange, UK (September 23 - 24 in London) are limited, and by invitation-only. For more information, view the agenda, or if you’d like to attend you can request an invitation for this exclusive, senior-level meeting today.