Top 10 from May: Enterprise Mobility Month in Review

Contributor: Robbie Westacott
Posted: 05/26/2015
Top 10 from May: Enterprise Mobility Month in Review

A personal highlight during the month of May was the Enterprise Mobility Exchange, Europe event, which took place in the Netherlands and was a positive and valuable experience for all involved.

Looking ahead, the next Enterprise Mobility Exchange event of 2015 will be taking place on the East Coast of the USA, 7 - 9 July in Atlanta.

Also in May, we explored a number of important trends currently impacting the market, spoke to a leading CIO about their relationship with mobility, and heard from an Enterprise Mobility Exchange Advisory Council member about enterprise attitudes towards investment. Listed below is our month in review.

1. The Internet of Things: Harnessing the Power of an Ever-Connected Enterprise

This report discusses which industries are set to gain the most from IoT, which professional use cases for solutions may be the most innovative within organisations, and how business leaders can strategically move towards an ever-connected enterprise landscape.

2. Enterprise Mobility Simplified: Create a Rapid and Effective Mobile App Strategy

This report explores challenges that arise from overcomplicating enterprise mobile app strategies, and presents suggestions for efficient solutions which can be used to simplify the deployment and management of such business tools.

3. The Evolution of IT Through the Eyes of a CIO

To gain insight into how mobile technology has caused a shift in the focuses of CIOs, we had the pleasure of speaking with Paige Francis, CIO of Fairfield University. Paige shared her thoughts with us regarding what modern IT professionals must do to approach mobility correctly.

4. The Golden Rules of a Successful Mobile Enterprise: Looking Ahead to Atlanta

We recently previewed the upcoming Enterprise Mobility Exchange in Atlanta, focusing on some of the sessions which will be taking place, including a look at an exciting case study from Giovanni Piazza, Global Head of Information and Knowledge Management for Johnson & Johnson, Discovery Sciences.

5. 3 Steps to Creating a Winning User Experience with Mobile Apps in the Enterprise

Here we look into a key part of mobile app development in the form of user experience, and present three factors which must be involved in such a crucial process to ensure that employees are satisfied with the apps they use to get their work done.

6. Former US Government Lead Cyber Official Set to Speak in Atlanta

In another preview of Enterprise Mobility Exchange, East Coast, we took a look at Andy Purdy, Chief Security Officer of Huawei Technologies USA, who will be leading the event's 'Security Masterclass', and focusing on the balance between security and usability for enterprise mobile solutions.

7. Enterprise Mobility: Looking Past the Hype to Measure the Investment

In this article, Enterprise Mobility Exchange Advisory Council member Jeff Wallace discusses whether or not the reality of corporate spending on enterprise mobile initiatives lives up to the hype, and why business leaders may be reluctant to invest.

8. Which Generation of Users Poses the Biggest Threat with Mobile Security?

Recent research by Absolute Software shed light on employee attitudes toward IT security and their behaviors on corporate-owned mobile devices. Based on usage preferences and content accessed, the results offered a telling perspective on the security risks associated with employee mobile device usage.

9. Regional Focus: Accenture's View from... India

In this article, Abhijit Kabra, Regional Managing Director of Accenture Mobility explains how India's use of mobile technology currently compares to other markets like the US and the UK, and highlights its vast potential to leverage mobility further.

10. Analysing Acquisitions and Consolidation in the Rugged Mobility Market

This article takes a look at the recent partnerships and acquisitions which are changing the landscape of the rugged mobile technology market. The enterprise business case for leveraging solutions of this kind remains a crucial talking point for many industry experts.

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Contributor: Robbie Westacott

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