Top 5 from May: Enterprise Mobility Month in Review

Contributor: Robbie Westacott
Posted: 06/02/2014
Top 5 from May: Enterprise Mobility Month in Review

We're revisiting our top five posts from May, in what has been an extremely vibrant and busy month for the Enterprise Mobility Exchange team, including the eighth consecutive year of our European event. Listed below is our month in review.

1. Enterprise Mobility Exchange, Europe, 2014

The highlight of May was undoubtedly another successful edition of Enterprise Mobility Exchange, Europe, which took place in Noordwijk, in the Netherlands this year. Our coverage of the Exchange consisted of a live blog from the second day including a brief summary of the opening evening, a summary of the third and final day, and finally some feedback from the Chairman of the event.

2. Strategies for Managing Cellular Network Performance

Nearly two-thirds of IT decision makers have stated that greater use of mobile technologies is either a high or critical priority. As mobile deployments and cellular data use become more business-critical than ever, enterprises face the need to monitor, manage and optimise their wireless investments. Learn from NetMotion Wireless the importance of mobile connectivity, supported by three trends which have particular implications for enterprises with a need to manage their increasingly mobile workforces.

3. The Seven Things You Must Do to Succeed with Enterprise Mobility

Mobility has fast become a technology that most of us, be it in our personal lives or professional careers, can't live without. Fuelled by mobility and connectivity, businesses are transforming their interactions with customers, employees and partners. They need to redefine systems of engagement and seize opportunity. They need to accelerate time to value. Here are seven tips for global enterprises that are grappling with just how mobility can be deployed and leveraged to reach their ever-connected customers and workforce.

4. The Future of Wearable Technology in the Enterprise

It is widely believed that productivity is the primary advantage mobility gives to businesses, and with wearable devices proving they can boost employee productivity by an additional 8.5% in a recent study, more and more organisations are likely to pursue new ways to incorporate them into their services. This infographic takes a look at the existing and future developments that could revolutionise the enterprise.

5. Mobile Applications Shaping the Mobile Enterprise

In this interview, we asked David Lavenda, VP Product Strategy for his opinions on the role which mobile apps play in the enterprise, and how the rapidly accelerating capabilities of related technologies are enabling professionals to transcend conventional methods of accessing important information for their plethora of business purposes.

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Contributor: Robbie Westacott

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