Enterprise Wearable Solution to be Developed Following Exciting New Partnership

Monday, January 5, 2015.

XOEye Technologies and Vuzix Partner to Deliver End-to-End Enterprise Wearable Solution in North America and Europe.

Leading enterprise wearable solution provider XOEye Technologies announced yesterday it has partnered with Vuzix Corporation, a leading supplier of video eyewear and smart glasses in the consumer, commercial and entertainment markets.

This partnership will aim to strengthen XOEye's vision to reshape industrial business processes and data capture across North America and Europe by delivering end-to-end wearable technology solutions to the enterprise.

Together, the organisations will focus on developing custom enterprise-grade wearable technology implementations consisting of ANSI certified smart glasses, a customised embedded Linux software platform, along with advanced features and applications to construction, field services, manufacturing and other industries in North America and Europe which are not traditionally desk-based.

XOEye will bundle Vuzix' M100 smart glasses with its XOLinux operating system and Vision cloud-based management and communications platform to deliver a wearable computing environment that will be fit for use in the harshest frontline work scenarios within manufacturing, construction, field services, and widely distributed organisations.

This range of hardware is set to be a significant addition to the wearable operating system ecosystem that is currently focused on Google's Android. The partnership will offer a familiar enterprise approach with numerous benefits in speed of development, flexibility of deployment and community contributions to the advancement of the operating system. XOEye will also offer tailored services including training, development, consulting and ongoing maintenance services in support of its platform solutions.

When asked about the partnership, XOEye Technologies CEO Aaron Salow said, "Demand for wearables in the workplace continues to increase as requirements for efficiency, workplace safety and compliance across many sectors are becoming increasingly commonplace, and in some cases mandated.

"We recognised early on that our greatest value was to focus on developing the platform and applications our customers needed to achieve their business goals, and allow our partners to focus on perfecting the eyewear and other hardware sensors. Vuzix is one of the leading smart glass providers in the market today, and we are pleased to join forces to deliver comprehensive solutions to our joint customers that leverage their market-proven and award-winning M100 smart eyewear."

The devices will be equipped with XOLinux, XOEye's enterprise-grade operating system, which is designed specifically for business applications and seamless integration with existing technology infrastructures. XOEye Vision is a cloud-based software suite that, when combined with smart glasses, collects workplace data and images for later retrieval and analysis, while facilitating project management, employee communication, on-site safety and more.

"XOEye understands the specific needs of manufacturing, construction, field services and other desklesss and has developed an open platform and suite of advanced applications for this underserved market," explained Paul Travers, CEO and founder, Vuzix Corporation.

"We are excited to offer this platform choice to our customers and to jointly pursue the multitude of opportunities we see in North America and Europe in partnership with a provider who is so highly regarded in the industrial enterprise space."

This partnership has the potential to produce an enterprise wearable solution that significantly alters the approach to job functions within the aforementioned industry verticals, by accelerating the capabilities of employees that use the technology in the workplace.