The Emerging Mobile Technology Showcase from Enterprise Mobility Exchange, Las Vegas

Posted: 12/16/2014

December 17, 2014

This video contains an innovative competition, in which four start up companies each present one of their emerging mobile technology solutions to the audience, followed by a decision regarding which technology is the most exciting and has the greatest potential.

Moderated by Ken Daniels, Founder of Acommence Advisors, Inc., the panel’s four competing technologies come from PowWow, Stroblianthes, ThinkSpider and SKKynet.

Each short presentation focuses on a solution that harnesses a different area of mobility, one of virtual application delivery, mobile workflows, wearable devices and the internet of things and the cloud.

The opportunities which many market sectors, from the restaurant industry to construction, are beginning to realise through emerging mobile technology is staggering. These types of solutions are designed to simplify core processes in industries such as these, solve challenges and reduce costs by improving performance.

When enterprises begin embracing these inventive emerging mobile technology solutions, they will see enormous advantages begin to take place.

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