‘Communication Is Key’ To mHealth Transformation

Contributor: Jason Koestenblatt
Posted: 05/17/2017
David Krebs

Healthcare is one of the toughest industries to digitally transform, but arguably the most important. With so much regulation and compliance surrounding HIPAA and other federal guidelines, entire health networks are hesitant to cure their own technology ills.

That’s where communication becomes a key factor in the transformation process.

VDC Research Executive Vice President and Analyst David Krebs will dive into the topic at the upcoming Enterprise Mobility Exchange: Healthcare event in San Antonio, Texas on June 12 and 13 at La Cantera Resort & Spa. Krebs will be one of a dozen speakers to present to the audience, consisting of c-level IT executives from around the country, representing healthcare industry verticals such as hospital networks, pharmaceuticals, life sciences, and insurance companies.

“The healthcare industry today is under constant pressure to modernize its mobility solutions while still maintaining strict regulatory compliance,” Krebs told Enterprise Mobility Exchange. “While regulations are designed for patient safety, they can make the transformation from a lagging system, heavily dependent on pagers and written information, to more modernized digital technology difficult to say the least. For example, government imposed HIPAA regulations, in an effort to protect patient medical data, specify how patient medical records can be accessed, stored, and transferred. With these requirements in mind, hospital administrators must ensure the safety of their patient data when considering the investments and workflow re-design which comes with implementing mobile technologies.”

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Healthcare Event
Enterprise Mobility Exchange: Healthcare

Join 30 IT leaders to discuss, network, and benchmark around mobile healthcare in San Antonio, Texas at the Enterprise Mobility Exchange: Healthcare event on June 12 &13.

VDC recently fielded a survey focused on the state of healthcare, which revealed 64% of participants say security, while 53% cite privacy as major obstacles in the way of full deployment of mobile healthcare solutions, Krebs said.

“With complex HIPAA regulations looming in the wake of recent data breaches, health care organizations are actively seeking solutions to make their mobile interfacing more secure,” Krebs said. “Furthermore, as HIPAA regulations are subject to change at the will of Congress, they serve to reinforce a landscape which has been largely resistant to meaningful mobility strategy changes.”

Krebs will further explore those topics during his session, titled, “Communication is Key,” while focusing on how to secure messaging and communications while satisfying governance.

Additional speakers at the Exchange include Rebecca Wynn, Head of Information Security at Matrix Medical Network; Brian Heemsoth, Director of Global Innovation at Aetna; and Jason Elrod, Chief Information Security Architect for Sutter Health, among others.

The event will offer times for attendees to network with their peers and meet with onsite solution providers, as well as think tank and round table discussions.

Enterprise Mobility Exchange's April event, Security West, was held in Phoenix, Arizona on April 24 and 25, featuring 20 IT executives from government agencies, financial services, manufacturing and a host of other industries. To see a recap of that event, go here.

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Jason Koestenblatt
Contributor: Jason Koestenblatt

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