Combined MBaaS and MADP Solution Offers Fresh Look at Enterprise App Development

Enterprise Mobility solution provider Convertigo has announced the immediate availability of its new innovative Convertigo Mobility Platform 7.3, code named "dioxygen".

The new platform will feature a fully integrated, open source, combined MBaaS/MADP, available either in the cloud or on premise.

"Our new version includes more than 50 new features, and enables IT teams to build enterprise mobile applications at an extremely competitive cost to performance ratio. Through our integrated approach combining MBaaS and MADP, we are one of the only vendors on the open source market ensuring a highly qualitative process to design mobile applications, with added value safely and in the cloud. Our solution has already been widely deployed within large companies, particularly in the field of retail, transportation and financial services," said Olivier Picciotto, CEO, Convertigo.

Built on proven industry standards, the unique platform will offer powerful features, including the FullSync technology to enable developers to create mobile apps using full disconnected mode scenarios.

FullSync will make it possible for enterprise app developers to work in disconnected mode on corporate data, while preserving existing business processes running in the back-end.

This could prove to be a revolution in the market, allowing enterprise IT and mobility leaders to design or develop high performance mobile apps based on a fully integrated platform.

Convertigo 7.3 will thus be particularly adaptable to different contexts of use, such as mCommerce, salesforce automation and embedded applications: all areas where Convertigo 7.3 will offer a new way to control and design the project in a secured environment.

Technologically, the solution will be able to meet the latest industry standards, such as NoSQL and Apache CouchDB replication protocols. The platform will also support industry standard frameworks such as AngularJS and Polymer.