Connectedness In Today's Enterprises

Godfrey Chua

The Internet of Things (IoT) represents a transformational phenomenon for enterprises today. ‘Connectedness,’ is extending from operational environments to include other forms of products such as security systems, asset tracking devices, manufacturing tools, thermostats, and/or field force solutions.

With the scope having moved from operations to other business functions, the impact of connectivity is now all-encompassing to the enterprise. It is all about connected devices and products that capture, share and process data about itself and the environment around it.

When this information is integrated into broader enterprise architectures and systems, either in real-time or after the fact, it allows for numerous insights upon which a firm can greatly enhance a variety of internal and external business functions. For the enterprise of the future, IoT offers a critical foundation for building competitive advantage.

As knowledge of IoT and its positive impact continues to grow, so does the number of enterprises embarking on the IoT journey. In fact, our surveys, conversations with enterprises, and overall research observe a pace of IoT implementation that could very well see a more than doubling of adoption levels in the next 24 months.

This is creating tremendous opportunities but has also been contributing to the present day “hype” associated with IoT. It is also giving rise to what we see as a critical conversation around IoT – security. As enterprise dependence on IoT for their competitive advantage amplifies, so does the need to ensure the very integrity and security of these systems. For those looking to embark on the IoT journey therefore, the security conversation is an important one to have at the very outset.

If you would like to hear about the security conundrums facing organisations and how you can secure your transformational IoT journey, please follow this link. You will learn abut the importance of collaboration and security by design.