7 Endpoint Management Voices On Twitter

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Steven Lerner

Over time, endpoint management has evolved in the enterprise. What once started with mobile device management (MDM) and enterprise mobility management (EMM) has evolved into unified endpoint management (UEM).

There are more mobile endpoints in the enterprise now than ever before. More personal devices, caused in part by an uptick in bring your own device (BYOD) policies, in the enterprise has caused a systemic shift in the way that mobility leaders focus on management and security. Simultaneously, there are other new endpoints in the enterprise, such as more Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

UEM addresses many of these concerns by centralizing the process through a single management interface for all endpoints. New solutions in the UEM space have enabled organizations to improve security postures and manage applications.

As the endpoint management space evolves again, there are new IT professionals who are imparting their insights about this subject. Here are seven IT specialists on Twitter who tweet about endpoint management issues, among other subjects.

(Note: This list represents a portion of the many endpoint management voices on social media. The names on the list are in no particular order.)

1. Andreano Lanusse (@andreanolanusse)

Andreano Lanusse is a staff solutions architect, end user computing for VMware. He tweets often about mobility issues, including mobile security, UEM, and other new innovations.

2. Jeremy Moskowitz (@jeremymoskowitz)

Jeremy Moskowitz is the founder of PolicyPak and Gpanswers. He is very active on Twitter, and tweets regularly about numerous IT topics, such as Windows 10, desktop virtualization, and FinTech. In terms of endpoints, Moskowitz also tweets about protecting endpoints and different management vendors.

3. Anton van Pelt (@AntonvanPelt)

Anton van Pelt is an app and desktop delivery consultant for PQR. The Netherlands-based consultant is a self-described “Azure fan” and was named a Citrix Technology Professional. Van Pelt tweets about subjects such as updating endpoint management servers and new updates in the endpoint management space.

4. Robin Hobo (@robinhobo)

Robin Hobo is a solution architect of mobility for Comparex. Hobo, who is also based in the Netherlands, tweets about different mobility management topics such as UEM, MDM, and mobile application management (MAM). He also blogs about endpoint management solutions and strategies, specifically regarding Citrix, Microsoft, and VMware.

5. Steve Bowman (@sbowman96)

Steve Bowman is the vice president of sales and marketing for Model Technology Solutions. When he tweets, Bowman focuses on IT issues relating to Azure and digital transformation. In particular, Bowman also tweets about endpoint security and UEM issues.

6. Darryl Miles (@iamdarrylmiles)

Darryl Miles is a strategic solution engineer for VMware. Miles tweets and retweets information and Workspace ONE, deploying Mac in the enterprise, and identity management.

7. Alex Goris (@AlexGorisNL)

Alex Goris is a workspace consultant. Goris retweets frequently with subjects such as virtual desktop infrastructure, automation, the cloud, and endpoint management.

Want to learn more about UEM? Stay tuned for Enterprise Mobility Exchange’s exclusive report on the current state of UEM, which will be available on May 13.