Enterprise Mobility EU: The Quotes

Simon Barton

The first day of Enterprise Mobility Exchange EU has been and gone. Using the case studies, debates and keynotes from the event's first day, let's take a look at its key findings. Here are a few of the most pertinent quotes and what they meant for the audience.

"There can be a purity of vision that stands in the way of agility."
- Alan Coates, Head of Planning, Ryanair

Throughout Coates' case study and appearance as part of the event's debate, he emphasised the importance Ryanair places on its staff attempting projects quickly and without fear of failure. While agreeing that the customer is imperative, Coates stated that if the airline was obsessed with the customer they wouldn't have the same approach to failure.

Ryanair sees value in quick customer feedback, and due to this, Coates says: "we want to work on projects that last a week, not 3 months."

For a full round of Coates' presentation, click here.

"UX does not need to be done by the developer nor the developing by the designer. Let's come together and share ideas."
- Mahesh Gupta, General Manager, Delta Airlines

When discussing whether developers and user experience professionals should be skilled in each other's roles, Gupta states: "It's all about including your partners in the digital process. Make sure developers are having a conversation with the UX team consistently."

Although the company separates the roles, Delta Airlines clearly sees value in developers and user experience working closely together. An assertion, however, not shared by all the panel's participants.

"Three and half years ago our CEO believed we weren't competitive enough, fast enough or agile enough to meet our customers' demands."
- Anosh Thakkar, VP, CTO, Phillips

During his keynote presentation, Thakkar discussed Phillips' new focus on the healthcare continuum. He also pointed to the company's 'accelerate' innovation program, which has seen them improve customer service, time-to-market and IT costs.

"We (Philips) started a massive IT transformation about four years ago, which has cost around 600 million euros. It looked at understanding how we do our business by analysing our capability model," says Thakkar. He focused on Phillips' enablers of innovation, which were; leveraging your existing landscape and building an ecosystem of smaller players.

Philips recently developed an application in three days. And Thakkar states that to do this "in such a short period of time was massive for a company like us."

"A front end developer needs to think about look and feel, they need the basic aspects of user experience."
- Michel Andre, CTO, Saxo Bank

Andre's assertion that he would 'expect that a developer has user experience expertise,' opposed Delta Airlines' Gupta's opinion that communication was key to developing an optimised application.

For Andre, developers should understand the intricacies of user experience and create applications with it in mind.

"Developing for Android is challenging. We have a dedicated team, but it's still difficult."
- Alan Coates, Head of Planning, Ryanair

Ryanair has seen a real difference in developing iOS and Android applications. "People expect to turn on their four year old Samsung tablets and to see our application work perfectly," he says.

He does, however, state that while a challenge, Android applications remain imperative within enterprise mobility.