Increased Collaboration Between IT & Decision Makers is Crucial in the Next Phase of Enterprise Mobile Development, VDC Finds

Contributor: IQPC Editorial Team
Posted: 06/30/2016
Enterprise Mobility Strategy Meeting

As mobile technology has evolved, it has taken on greater importance in the enterprise for facilitating business processes, a new report from VDC Research reveals. As a result, the process for acquiring the technology has changed and leading organizations are adopting a cross-functional approach to technology investment decisions.

They are also developing mobile centers of excellence, indicating a much-needed maturation process exists to tackle these challenges, VDC finds. Another key factor is a realization by market leaders of the benefits of tighter collaboration between IT and operational technology (OT) decision makers in terms of facilitating greater return on investment. Both have the best interest of the company in mind, but often have different views on how technology fits into the corporate strategy, according to the report, Enterprise Mobile Buyer Behavior Dataset - IT & Operational Perspectives. 

Mobility is viewed by the operations side of the business as a tool for achieving business goals and improving efficiency, while IT concentrates more on the potential threats that such investments could introduce and works to mitigate them, focusing on security, governance and integration. 

However, the lines of IT and OT are blurring with the emergence of more comprehensive mobility strategies and the impact of initiatives such as IoT, VDC notes.  “With the massive increase in connected end points potentially accessing enterprise applications, security requirements are driving greater interdependence required between IT and OT amidst growing security vulnerabilities,’’ the firm states.

Among the key issues and requirements VDC sees are:

  • A skills gap when it comes to supporting modern mobile solutions
  • The need for greater flexibility and systems that support security packages, which the firm calls a “key pain point for IT.” If organizations want to fully take advantage of enterprise mobility opportunities, they must overcome these barriers.
  • Infrastructure must be modernized with a focus on addressing the potential for network vulnerabilities, data leakage and secure access to mobile apps.
  • Closer collaboration between IT and OT. New technology paradigms like mobile are forcing IT to proactively change the perception that they are a bottleneck to more innovation. VDC believes IT teams have been slow to embrace these paradigms because they often lack the experience with line of business solutions.

It behooves both sides to foster closer collaboration because of the significant benefits enterprise mobility solutions offer, including a far more productive, connected and collaborative workforce, VDC notes. The research suggests these are “top of mind investment requirements for OT decision makers.”

Another requirement is that security be embraced by OT as much as it traditionally has been by IT as more systems and end points are connected. “Ensuring security and encryption of data in [transit] and at rest needs to become more consistent with the OT blueprint,” VDC states.

Cooperation among both sides is critical to achieving a successful outcome when technology investments are made, the firm emphasizes. Typically, operational objectives have been met by companies that have invested in mobile solutions, said Matt Hopkins, an Enterprise Mobility and Connected Devices research associate at VDC Research.

But Hopkins added that “technical obstacles such as security and integration continue to plague organizations. In this way, communication between the operations and technical side of the house is crucial if a company’s mobile investments are to provide a meaningful return and not jeopardize the interests of the company from a security perspective.”

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IQPC Editorial Team
Contributor: IQPC Editorial Team

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