Mobile-First, RMAD Among Hottest Topics of Q1

It’s become abundantly clear that 2017 is the year of IoT, 5G, and the continuation of the BYOD vs. COPE discussion. At least that’s the focus for many in the industry, but enterprise IT is far broader than those topics, as businesses around the globe separate themselves by vertical and need.

Enterprise Mobility Exchange readers proved they were interested in a diverse field of topics during Q1, reading in-depth white papers and case studies about mobile industry happenings. Take a look at the five most read articles through the first three months of the year by clicking on the headline.

Looking Ahead to 2017: An Analyst Insight Report
Of course c-level executives and end users want to know what’s happening in the industry over the next 12 months, making the annual Looking Ahead report the most read piece on EME’s website. Take a look at where analysts see budget spend gaining the most traction this year.

App Road Map: The Enterprise’s Code-Free Future
It’s been well documented how costly, lengthy, and productivity-crushing enterprise app development can be to an organization and it’s IT team. Enter RMAD – or Rapid Mobile App Development – and the future of enterprise apps now has a solution in the way of a platform that enables citizen developers to build what they need in a code-free environment.

Mobile-Enabling Field Service Teams for Immediate Financial Impact
What happens when a field service-heavy business decides to implement mobile equipment and software to its field workers? A whirlwind of decreased TCO, time, and cost savings, not to mention expanded bottom lines. See how a single deployment could save individual enterprises millions of dollars in a matter of months.

Case Study: Mac at Work in the Enterprise
Long ago, Apple created its own standard. Interfacing with other operating systems, apps, and even hardware devices became vexing, particularly in the enterprise. But as IBM grew its BYOD platform amongst tens of thousands of employees, the overwhelming choice became use of personal Apple products. Rather than pushing back, IBM’s tech team found a way to support the silo-style iOS.

Taming Mobile Mayhem: Achieving Mobility Management
So your enterprise has (finally) decided to go mobile; congratulations! But what now? How does a business tame the craziness that is mobile-first? Operating systems need to be agreed upon, hardware figured out, apps configured. It’s much more than bringing a smartphone to work and plugging in to a corporate email server.