MobileDev, Shadow IT Among Hottest Topics In January

As time marches on, so does information technology, and there’s no sign of slowing in 2017. The first month of the year was off to a hot start, with predictions around certain technologies and forecasts of leaders and laggards across multiple verticals.

Enterprise Mobility Exchange captured those topics editorially for its readers in January. Let’s take a quick look at the top five pieces from the first few weeks of the New Year.

Looking Ahead to 2017: An Analyst Insight Report
What’s your enterprise’s IT department doing with its 2017 budget? Are the dollars being allocated for advancements in mobility? Cloud? The Enterprise Mobility Exchange, in partnership with VDC Research, took a deep dive into what the next 12 months could, and should, bring to enterprise mobility. Click on the headline to find out more.

Arxan Buys Apperian To Boost Mobile App Security Solutions
What would the New Year be without a big acquisition? Arxan jumped out of the gate on January 10 to announce its purchase of Apperian. The former is known for its prowess in the application security market, while the latter is mobile application security focused. Find out more about the connection by clicking on the headline.

Top Analyst Firm Rates Mobile Development Leaders
As businesses globally go mobile-first, all-encompassing platforms are needed to create strategies and push enterprises forward in the space. A top analyst firm recently announced its mobile development platform leaders and who’s making strides in the industry.

Case Study: Mac At Work In The Enterprise
Companies small and large are implementing BYOD initiatives, but simultaneously creating headaches for the IT departments tasked with supporting myriad devices and operating systems. One tech giant realized the majority of its employees preferred Apple brand’s Mac devices for BYOD usage, and found a way to support tens of thousands of workers. Find out more by clicking on the headline.

Shadow IT is Putting Your Enterprise Security at Risk
Why does “Shadow IT” sound so scary? Because it is. When employees or entire lines of business taking it upon themselves to implement initiatives without the IT department’s approval, security measures plummet and the opportunity for breaches or hacks skyrockets Find out more by clicking on the headline.

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