New Mobile Solution Looks to Solve Top 3 Challenges with Secure Enterprise Mobility Management

Matrix42, a provider of software for workspace management, has released an upgraded version of the Silverback by Matrix42 software, to attempt to raise the bar for managing mobile devices.

The latest features of the new software support key aspects of current Enterprise Mobility solutions such as data protection, separating professional and private data, and providing multi-language capabilities. Matrix42 are looking to impact the needs of companies that do not yet have an adequate solution for managing mobile devices and the apps installed on them.

In a recent Matrix42 survey, IT representatives from almost 1,500 companies named discussed their challenges in this field.

Respondents cited the complexity of managing and maintaining mobile devices, the issue of separating private and professional data, and the license management required for software and apps used on laptops and tablets as the three greatest challenges. This software has been developed to help address and overcome those challenges for IT leaders.

With Silverback by Matrix42, organisations can utilise a comprehensive solution for managing mobile devices and workspaces, controlling the provision, management, and deployment of mobile IT resources in a cost-transparent way.

With a central interface available in multiple languages, it facilitates simple, secure, and scalable management for devices running iOS, Android, Samsung SAFE, Samsung Knox, and Microsoft Windows Phone operating systems. The new software allows companies to provide their employees with simple and secure access to their familiar workspaces, via both personal and company mobile devices, access that is set up within just a few hours and without IT having to manually interact with the devices.

The separation of corporate and personal data such as contacts, calendars, documents, and applications on mobile devices maintains the privacy of employees, as well as ensuring that sensitive company information is protected according to company policies.

Silverback by Matrix42 offers zero-day support by Android for Work, so that users of devices with Android 5.0 or higher can easily switch between private and business profiles at any time, without sacrificing productivity. The new functions include an option to manage restrictions using Android for Work, as well as optimised certificate management.

The solution's security settings can be configured and adjusted individually for users, devices, and operating systems alike. Silverback by Matrix42 is also fully suitable for internationally active companies and teams, due to the interface being available in multiple languages.

Mobile work and cooperation is facilitated for employees through integrated data and content management, which among others includes a secure content hub, Microsoft SharePoint integration, protection against application-level data loss, and the synchronisation of data between different devices.

"Companies should not idly stand by and watch development happen; instead, they should get involved in the management of mobile devices and applications. With the right strategy and tools, e-mobility complexity can be managed, company guidelines can be applied, and the productivity of employees can be increased. In addition, Matrix42 facilitates seamless integration with the entire Matrix42 product portfolio," said Oliver Klýnter, Product Manager at Matrix42.