Top 10 from June: Enterprise Mobility Month in Review

This month saw a particularly high volume of compelling content pass through the pages of the Enterprise Mobility Exchange, with a range of insightful and exciting contributions from influencers in the market.

With Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference taking place, Wimbledon tennis getting started in the UK, and a host of announcements keeping mobile professionals busy in June, there's plenty to look back on.

This recap of the last month features our latest market report, two new video interviews with leading enterprise IT professionals, contributions from leading industry analysts, and much more. Listed below is our month in review.

1. Building a Mobile Centre of Excellence: Where to Start and How to Succeed

An MCoE is well structured console for enterprises to both standardise and optimise mobility, and avoid making the mistake of allowing mobile solutions to remain disparate or inconsistent across the business. This report explores the business case for building an MCoE, what roles are involved, how organisations can run their own iterations, and much more.

2. What are the Top 5 Mobility Trends to Keep an Eye on in the Coming Years?

Here, Kalman Tiboldi, Chief Business Innovation Officer, TVH discusses his unique role, and describes how the two key components align to give TVH flexibility in their approach to changing and improving through the use of technology. Kalman also touches on the growing importance of data, and how organisations leverage that data, within the entire spectrum of digital innovation.

3. Analysing the EMM Landscape from the Obvious to the Oblivious

"By digging in well beyond the obvious surface of EMM, new cutting edge doors can be opened for all enterprises, which will grow increasingly especially important as they quickly begin to adopt mobility across their entire collective organisations," explains Tony Rizzo, Mobile IoT and Wearables Research Analyst for Blue Hill Research, in his latest article.

4. Digital Transformation is Not Just About the Systems, it's About the People

Speaking to us at this year's Enterprise Mobility Exchange, Europe, Marco Dacco, IT Director for Telecom Italia shared how the impact of mobility on Telecom Italia has caused the organisation to adjust its position in the market from a traditional incumbent service provider, to gain a new role with next-generation services outside the typical telecoms segment.

5. 7 Key Phases of Mobile Application Lifecycle Management

In this article, written by Matthew Hopkins, Associate Analyst, and co-authored by Eric Klein, Research Director, VDC Research, readers will learn that there are several overarching themes which dominate the mobile application lifecycle, comparable to an assembly line in which the careful following of several steps will result in a reliable and effective product.

6. Wimbledon Tennis Serves Fans with Enhanced Digital Experiences

As the gates of Wimbledon opened to launch the most prestigious tennis tournament in the world in the last week of June, fans were presented with more data-driven insight, engagement and innovation than ever before. Here we examine Wimbledon's partnership with IBM, and their growing emphasis on digital technology to improve the experience of everyone involved.

7. The Mobile Worker Population in the US Could Surpass 105 Million by 2020

Research by IDC suggested that the mobile worker population in the US is set to reach a staggering 105.4 million by 2020. This article explains why the analyst firm believes that the current population of mobile workers (around 96 million) will grow significantly over the next five years, and could soon account for nearly three quarters (72.3%) of the total US workforce.

8. Smart Glasses Become Even More Useful in the Workplace with Voice Recognition Technology

APX Labs, the developer of the Skylight software platform for wearable devices, announced it will work with Nuance Communications, a leading provider of global voice and language solutions for businesses, to bring Nuance's voice recognition capabilities to Skylight R5, APX Labs' latest release of the enterprise software platform for smart glasses.

9. 3 Enterprise Announcements from Apple's WWDC 2015

This month featured the latest edition of Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference in California, which began on June 8 and concluded on June 12. This article explores some of the things which Apple revealed over the course of the event which could have an impact on Enterprise Mobility, including iOS updates, device announcements and more.

10. Enterprise Mobile Security Must Evolve to be Both Predictive and Reactive

Lookout, a global leader in mobile security, announced new enterprise-specific mobile security solution which will draw on Lookout's expertise in the consumer market, by providing an extensive data-set of the world's mobile code, predicting new unfamiliar threats as well as helping organisations anticipate vulnerabilities and negate mobile threats.