Top 10 from June: Enterprise Mobility Month in Review

Here, we're revisiting our top 10 posts from June, including the Enterprise Mobility Exchange, East Coast event in Maryland, as well as exciting activity from a number of esteemed Enterprise Mobility Exchange partners and contributors. June has been a significant month for the EME team, and these top 10 posts are not to be missed. Listed below is our month in review.

1. 10 Steps to Shape Your Enterprise Mobility Strategy

As with any investment, expenditure on mobile initiatives brings the need to define what success looks like. That means being able to measure the return on mobility (ROM). That doesn't just happen by accident: to maximise ROM, organisations need a considered, joined-up mobile strategy. But there's no need to start with a blank sheet of paper. This eBook breaks down the strategy development process into 10 simple steps that will help achieve demonstrable, repeatable mobile successes.

2. On-Demand Webinar | Mobile Connectivity: Chaos & Opportunity

Without the means for devices to stay connected to business-critical applications and management processes, enterprises will not achieve the productivity and efficiency benefits they are striving to attain. Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how to identify and isolate the causes of connectivity issues, and how to mitigate the problems outside of your control to ensure your field service workers get reliable, real-time access to data and applications.

3. The Road to Enterprise Mobility Exchange, East Coast

In the lead-up to Enterprise Mobility Exchange, East Coast which took place 25 - 26 June at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center, National Harbor, Maryland, we recapped 10 in-depth interviews with revered speakers and attendees from past Exchanges.

4. Regional Focus: Accentureã??s View fromã?¦ South Africa

The Accenture 'view from' series of blogs will take us to a different country each month, giving a light but enlightening insight into those markets' characteristics and daily challenges when it comes to implementing mobility across enterprises. This first instalment of the series was written by Tielman Botha, South Africa Country Lead for Accenture Mobility, part of Accenture Digital.

5. Clash of the Analysts: David Krebs, VP of Enterprise Mobility, VDC Research

Prior to the highly anticipated debate at Enterprise Mobility Exchange, East Coast, David discussed with us his thoughts on the importance, and implications of treating BYOD as a catalyst rather than an overall strategy for Enterprise Mobility, in addition to other crucial aspects of the current market, and his predictions for the future.

6. Clash of the Analysts: John Jackson, Program VP for Mobility Research, IDC

In this interview, John shares his views on the most influential and game-changing developments currently occurring within the market. John also goes on to discuss his interpretations of the key benefits of mobility, how organisations can keep up with mobility's inevitable pace of change, and what enterprise applications must do to achieve positive user engagement.

7. How to Manage the Influence of Mobility on Enterprise Infrastructure

Denise Carson, Practice Manager for Enterprise Mobility & Wireless, UXC Connect explains in her latest article that as enterprises become mobile-first, the critical nature of the relevance and quality of applications becomes more evident and important.

8. Reintroducing Enterprise Mobile Innovation by Removing the Shackles of Corporate Life

The key to success with Enterprise Mobility is getting the balance between adhering to business processes, whilst having enough free rein to innovate and disrupt. Here, Alan King, Chief Mobile Officer, Dusk Mobile Pty Ltd. highlights that when a pseudo steering committee from across the business is formed, engagement is more forthcoming and the demand for Enterprise Mobility is stronger and more organised.

9. Quick-Fire Fives: Enterprise Mobility Exchange, Europe

In this video interview from Enterprise Mobility Exchange, Europe Rene Roider, Head of IT Strategy and Architecture, OMV discusses the trends which he feels are currently impacting the mobility market. Rene also emphasises the importance of devising a transparent strategy very early on, in addition to learning by testing pilots and small-scale implementations before making big decisions on where to invest.

10. Beacons in the Enterprise

Beacons are battery powered Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) modules that emit a broadcast signal to trigger actions in apps. Within the enterprise, beacons have a huge amount of potential to increase employee productivity and streamline business processes, explains Sarah Weller, Managing Director, London of mobile consultancy and app developer, Mubaloo.

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