Enterprise Mobility: The Time For Mobile-Only Is Now

Mobile device use in the enterprise has moved from a Jetsons-like mindset – shiny objects from the future – to a key pillar in digital transformation and enhancing productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

Enterprise Mobility Exchange recently released its Industry Insight 2017: The State of Enterprise Mobility report, diving into the needs of SMBs and large corporations alike. The report uses survey data and interviews with analysts and thought leaders to better understand where IT stands in business today, and where it plans to be tomorrow. To read the full report, go here.

In that survey, 88% of respondents said mobility ranks high or is a growing priority in their company this year. What’s more, end users are showing to be as flexible as possible, with 46% claiming their enterprise offers a hybrid model – allowing for either Corporately-Owned, Personally Enabled (COPE) or Bring Your Own device initiatives.

“We’re moving away from the mobile-first mindset – we’re already past that,” said Mike Jennett, Vice President of IDC Research in the report. “The whole idea of mobile centers of excellence will go away, and we’ll begin to move toward a digital transformation center of excellence. While there is still a large percentage of laggards, mobility is a key pillar of digital transformation.”

As previously reported by Enterprise Mobility Exchange, the need for transformation is driven by the employee, but in doing so, creates the conundrums associated with mobile security and potential data breaches.

In the Industry Insight report, nearly six-in-10 respondents said mobile security was a high priority, but many companies are fearful of locking down mobile devices to secure the enterprise, concerned it will actually decrease productivity and efficiency.

Learn more about the need for enterprise mobility and why it’s a key pillar to digital transformation initiatives in the Industry Insight 2017: The State of Enterprise Mobility report by clicking here.

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