Healthcare Company Capitalizes On UEM, Secures Enterprise Mobility

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The healthcare industry has long been known as a staple in the regulatory environment, bringing with it roadblocks and compounded challenges when organizations sought technological innovation and advancement.

It’s a catch-22, really, for any organization looking to make workflows speedier while protecting data and securing sensitive health information, while being met with red tape in the implementation of those resources.

Such was the case for MyEyeDr., a burgeoning ophthalmology company that oversees more than 300 offices across the eastern United States. The company’s Director of IT, James Davenport, knew it was time for the doctors and their staff to move into the digital age, which would help save time and endless amounts of paperwork for each patient.


The most efficient way for that to take place was by going through a mobile transformation that would also allow the organization to remain HIPAA compliant.

“We began our (mobile) roll out in 2015, and had a plan to be complete within a year,” Davenport said of building the new infrastructure. “We realized it wasn’t so much a tech problem as it was a doctor training program issue. (Doctors) are so busy so it makes it more difficult to find time to train on new devices or technologies.”

That issue brought about a challenge Davenport knew would need to be addressed: securing the company owned iPads and smartphones it was putting in different locations spread across a dozen states.

“We needed to be able to control the devices – these don’t belong to the doctors or staff members, but some personnel could unintentionally take it home or use it for personal reasons – and securing and controlling our intellectual property was a necessity,” Davenport said.

That’s when the Director of IT sought out a solution to do exactly what was needed, and found IBM MaaS 360 for unified endpoint management (UEM) to go along with MyEyeDr.’s other IBM offerings already being used in the enterprise.

Davenport now points to a variety of MaaS360’s UEM capabilities that allow him to have peace of mind about the mobile infrastructure at his company, including geolocating and remote wiping of the device if necessary.

To learn more about MyEyeDr. and its mobile transformation, along with how it’s remaining HIPAA compliant and keeping data secure, hear Davenport give his first-hand account in a recent webinar hosted by Enterprise Mobility Exchange. Click here to listen