Mobile, Data, Security: Lessons From The Exchange

Mobile transformation is well underway, data analytics is needed more now than ever, IT is the business, and security is more important than ever.

For two days, industry executives and business leaders discussed the world of Enterprise Mobility Transformation at the Exchange, held in San Diego on Nov. 9 and 10. Presenters touched on a range of topics, from the use of Internet of Things and telemetry in agriculture to building a true IT department for a World Series Championship team.

But what was learned? How were attendees able to maximize the information they heard and translate it to their own business?

Several presentations stuck out, offering use cases to audience members from across a variety of industries. To kick off the event, DuPont’s Center of Excellence Leader, Chris Hewitt outlined how he and his team optimized sensors and telemetry to gather the “trash” from corn grain production and create a multi-million dollar, first of its kind transportation fuel industry. All of this occurred inside a 70-day window, and used innovative technologies to harness data never before analyzed. In doing so, workers were able to gather information on the moisture level of the bails they were creating, how much downtime their equipment was experiencing, and the amount of nitrogen found in the cornfield – all in real time. The result was a $0.70 return on every dollar spent, Hewitt said.

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What many IT administrators are battling is the executive sponsorship, the necessary relationship between technology and the boardroom, and how a cohesive unit can create success for the organization as a whole.

That process was outlined by Andrew McIntyre, VP of IT for the Chicago Cubs, who outlined his six-year journey with the ball club. McIntyre outlined the start of the Cubs recent success, which began with the franchise’s purchase by the Ricketts family in 2009. When McIntyre came aboard in 2011, he and his team quickly brought the organization’s IT side up to speed, making changes in the form of automation and CRM usage for ticket sales, concessions, and merchandising.

The Cubs are now using Wrigley Field for events year-round, maximizing the stadium’s abilities, and for those who didn’t know, McIntyre wasn’t shy about explaining the baseball team’s road to the 2016 World Series Championship.

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In an event filled with “a-ha” moments, Visa’s Vice President of Engineering and Product Development, Amit Singh, may have delivered the biggest head-scratcher of the two-day event. In a video created by the financial services company, a world in which digital technology – thanks to automation, machine learning, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence – was so integrated into daily life, a man’s entire day, from sun up to sun down, was aided by innovation.

From calling a maid service via voice assistant to deciding what he should wear thanks to an augmented reality mirror, Visa’s message was clear: life as we know it is quickly changing, and the faster technology can be created to automate life’s tasks at home and work, the sooner humans will need to adapt.

The world of wearables is becoming as equally real, now showing their capabilities at the San Diego County Regional Airport. Rick Belliotti, the airport’s Director of Innovation and Small Business Development, spoke about the enterprise’s desire to use wearable technology to aid airport employees’ productivity when issues arose.

What struck the audience about Belliotti’s use case, however, was the honesty in which the presenter spoke about the challenges associated with implementing wearable technology to create efficiencies. Belliotti’ outlined San Diego Airport’s use of smart watches to quickly relay information and create data around down time and fix time, but explained there was still a long way to go for the employees to fully utilize the devices.

The event was chaired by Ross Croasdell, Managing Director and Technical Architect at Streamline. In addition to Streamline, the event was sponsored by Nexmo; IBM; MOBI; BlackBerry; TechOrchard; MobileIron; Tangoe; LG; Android; Red Hat Mobile; NetMotion; Sapho; SyncDog; DataTheorem; and Cellular Accessories for Less.

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