Phishing, GDPR Grab Headlines In June

Securing the enterprise, embracing and readying for new legislation, and discussing the state of mobility in healthcare were the biggest editorial topics for the month of June. Enterprise Mobility Exchange’s top five articles of the month, based on reader’s behavior, are listed below in no particular order.

Go Phish Yourself: Non-Profit Tests Employees, Improves Security
How does an enterprise ensure its employees aren’t being scammed or duped into cyber threats and understand the difference between malicious and non-malicious content? By phishing their employees and finding where the gaps are, of course.

GDPR: Europe’s Data Compliance May Kill Your Global Business
Every enterprise has its own industry and government regulation and compliance issues to grapple with, but the forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) could be the straw that breaks the proverbial camel’s back for global business revenue and reputation.

‘IT Deserves More of the Budget’: The Future of Mobility In Healthcare
When a single HIPAA fine can cost a healthcare company $1.1 million, why wouldn’t the enterprise want to better protect its data and give the IT department the resources necessary to have better security posture?

5 Must-Have Mobility Management Tools
Success in digital transformation means using the proper tools – both literally and figuratively – and those equipped with the best “work bench” will be well ahead of their peers. This is especially true in the enterprise mobility management space, where deploying and enabling the proper tools can mean the different between ROI and taking a loss.

Enterprise Mobility In Healthcare Needs Innovation, Collaboration
Mobile technology in healthcare is not only cutting costs and creating better patient experiences, but it’s saving lives.