Will The Future Of Enterprise Tech Be Found At MWC 2018?

Long known for its unveilings, launches, and swirling hype, Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is considered a premier event when it comes to the advancement of technology. In 2018, it’s shaping up to present a blockbuster lineup of innovation that may – or may not – have an impact on the future of work.

Now just a week away, the rumor mill is swirling about expected highlights of the event. In 2017, a large focus was found on the 5G movement and IoT, but received below average reviews on the focus of the tracks as a whole, according to one industry veteran.

This year’s event is making a solid push toward the Fourth Industrial Revolution and how that’s reshaping the way business is done. The technologies therein are going to be front and center at the event, especially Artificial Intelligence (AI) and that’s applied to enterprise landscape.

“The data that allows AI to learn is being sourced and structured,” said Mike Sutcliff, group chief executive of Accenture Digital in a blog post for The Drum. “At the same time, a strong open-source culture is driving the democratization of AI skills. The major technology vendors are all rapidly building productized, ready-to-use AI tools, and making them available at low or no cost. The pace of innovation is stunning in this space.”

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Speaking of the future, combining new technologies will create immense cost savings for employees, Sutcliff said, recommending the integration of robotics, AI, blockchain, big data, and 3D printing, and said he expects to see “more solutions tailored to industrial companies at Mobile World Congress.”

Putting Mobile Back In The Event

Dubbing MWC the biggest “phone show” of the year, David Nield of New Atlas laid out what he believes will be the showstoppers next week.

The new iteration of Samsung’s flagship Galaxy is expected to release its S9 and S9 Plus, following an 18-month period that saw the unveiling of the S7, which had battery malfunctions causing fires and other damage, forcing the early release of the S8. Back on schedule, Samsung is debuting the S9 on February 25, and word has it the phone will incorporate a new AI-ready chip to power the system.

After Samsung steals the headlines at its Sunday press event, Sony and LG will be right behind with their own scheduled briefings, Nield said, and expects more mobile products to come from those major players.

While the event normally spurs large, individual company announcements, this year is shaping up to make a difference on the industry as a whole. Check back during the final week of February for updates and coverage of major announcements from Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2018.