A Billion Mobile Sites Spark No Joy

Jason Koestenblatt
Posted: 04/24/2017

Everybody has their favorite app. But can you name even three mobile websites you like?

Mobilizing 20-year old websites to be impactful in the digital age has become a bear, but necessary as smartphone traffic is poised to dominate the World Wide Web by 2019. The choice comes down to deploying an app the company may have no control over or creating a radical reset of the enterprise’s mobile web strategy.

In this report, you’ll learn about:

  • Common issues with mobile sites and pitfalls to look for
  • Strategic anchors to start planning for a majority mobile world
  • The difference between an app customers don’t want and a mobile web presence second to none

This report provides evidence supporting the need for enterprises to make a mobile website a first-class entity. Download the paper for more information.

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Jason Koestenblatt
Posted: 04/24/2017