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Contributor: Jason Koestenblatt
Posted: Wed, 01/17/2018
Case Study
Solution providers large and small are flocking to Enterprise Mobility Exchange to leverage the media site’s diversified portfolio of editorial opportunities and live online events. Learn how AT&T, Mobile Solutions, and PowWow Mobile have leveraged Enterprise Mobility Exchange's offerings to increase their lead pool, awareness, and market... Full Content »
Contributor: Brad Shafton
Posted: Mon, 12/11/2017
Mobile End User
The end-user, or customer, is always right, but they just don't know how to tell you what they need, says Hologic's Director of Innovation and User Experience. Full Content »
Contributor: Jason Koestenblatt
Posted: Tue, 12/05/2017
Top Bloggers
Some of the brightest minds in the business are great at sharing their thoughts and insights on the web. Here's who we enjoy following and learning from. Full Content »
Contributor: Jason Koestenblatt
Posted: Fri, 05/05/2017
In the fast-paced IT industry, new statistics and data are released daily. Each Friday, Enterprise Mobility Exchange publishes Fast Facts, taking a look at interesting or noteworthy information impacting businesses.Analyst firm 451 Research released the results of a recent survey that tested the temperature of the smartphone market, and where it... Full Content »
Contributor: IQPC Editorial Team
Posted: Wed, 03/22/2017
In the competitive world of business, ineffectiveness inevitably shows up on the profit and loss statements and balance sheets of any type of institution, be it a business, university, or government agency. The only test of management that matters is performance. Either management performs or it doesn't. More than 30 years ago, Harvard's... Full Content »
Contributor: Mike McEnaney
Posted: Fri, 05/27/2016
digital people
CSC has announced that its Board of Directors has unanimously approved a plan to merge the company with the Enterprise Services segment of Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE). The strategic combination of the two complementary businesses will create one of the world’s largest pure-play IT services companies, uniquely positioned to lead clients on... Full Content »
Contributor: Simon Barton
Posted: Thu, 05/19/2016
Mobile devices have been infiltrating the enterprise for a number of years, changing business processes and increasing worker productivity. With organizations now understanding their advantages, they are looking to prioritize their mobility efforts to best take advantage.As a provider of tailored Enterprise Mobility Exchanges, we have a wealth of... Full Content »
Contributor: Mike McEnaney
Posted: Wed, 05/18/2016
Microsoft Corp. has announced it has reached an agreement to sell the company's entry-level feature phone assets to FIH Mobile Ltd., a subsidiary of Hon Hai/Foxconn Technology Group, and HMD Global, Oy for $350 million. As part of the deal, FIH Mobile Ltd. will also acquire Microsoft Mobile Vietnam — the company's Hanoi, Vietnam,... Full Content »
Contributor: Simon Barton
Posted: Wed, 05/11/2016
Research conducted by Enterprise Mobility Exchange shows that 82% of companies allow their employees access to enterprise applications and content through their personal devices. BYOD is increasingly becoming the norm. Yet for a number of companies, the risks attached to it are a serious concern.Doug Cahill, Senior Analyst, ESG, has more than 25... Full Content »
Contributor: Shay Khosrowshahi
Posted: Thu, 04/21/2016
CTERA Networks recently announced a series of updates to its cloud storage gateway portfolio designed to deliver new levels of deployment flexibility, storage capacity, and efficiency for remote office IT environments.The refreshed CTERA gateway lineup includes a new virtual appliance configuration that allows enterprises to utilise existing... Full Content »
Contributor: Simon Barton
Posted: Wed, 03/30/2016
Janam Technologies LLC, a leading provider of rugged mobile computers that scan barcodes and communicate wirelessly, recently announced the launch of the ultra-rugged, ultra-compact XT2 touch computer. Designed for use in challenging environments, the new XT2 is a rugged mobile computer designed to provide maximum uptime, reliability and accuracy. Full Content »
62 results
of 6