Mobile Marketing Enables Enterprises to Transcend Channels and Devices

Coming out of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona today, it has been announced that leading marketing software provider Kenshoo will launch the Kenshoo Infinity Suite.

The announcement has been identified as an important step in Kenshoo's transition from best-in-class advertising technology point solutions to holistic enterprise marketing software.

With the Kenshoo Infinity Suite, the world's top brands will be able to become more agile in their marketing, and maximise customer lifetime value through crucial channels such as search, social, mobile and display advertising.

"Since Kenshoo was founded, we've focused on helping businesses grow by solving the biggest marketing challenges," said Yoav Izhar-Prato, Co-Founder and CEO of Kenshoo. "Today, the major issue for marketers is reaching their best audiences with premium inventory across channels and devices. The Kenshoo Infinity Suite puts mobile at the centre and combines all our innovation into one signature package to drive performance."

Kenshoo has invested heavily in mobility in the past, by building software to help marketers optimise their investments across the biggest global suppliers of mobile advertising, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, and Twitter.

For example, Kenshoo acquired Adquant in September 2014, a platform for mobile app and gaming advertisers on social media. Today, through a partnership with AppNexus, a technology company that provides trading solutions and powers marketplaces for Internet advertising, Kenshoo clients will now be able to activate search and social data across display and in-app placements on exchanges like MoPub, Nexage, and other select inventory sources.

"The Kenshoo Infinity Suite signals the importance of third-party control and the return of CRM, as the true north for marketing upon which independent platforms can build and monetise," said Ted Krantz, Chief Revenue Officer of Kenshoo. "For the first time, marketing executives can get a closed loop customer view and maximise investments. The key is leveraging unbiased insights and execution along the path to conversion as no one channel can serve as the main lens in the best interests of marketers."

Kenshoo powers digital marketing campaigns in more than 190 countries and directs nearly $350billion in annualised client sales revenue. Through its expertise in search and social, Kenshoo is uniquely positioned to leverage expressed intent, interaction, and contextual affinity to help marketers identify their most valuable audiences.

"Kenshoo has been a true partner that has helped our business grow," said Dan Morgan, Head of Search, SEO & Biddable Media at Accor, a global hotel operator with more than 3,600 properties. "The Kenshoo Infinity Suite gives us a great purview across channels and we're quite enthusiastic about being able to manage through Kenshoo other channels such as mobile alongside search and social. To date, we've seen tremendous results through Kenshoo, including an increase of over 60% in revenue."

The Kenshoo Infinity Suite offers enterprise software licensing options to drive lower total cost of ownership, by eliminating single point solutions. It also provides more value to clients through packaging all performance and optimisation capabilities into one single offering.