Mobile Sales Apps Highlight the Need for Competitive Differentiators for Businesses

Tuesday, January 20, 2015.

Extreme Networks, Inc., a leader in high performance networking, today announced PartnerLink, a mobile application available to the Extreme Partner Network (EPN) and associated sales teams. PartnerLink will enable Extreme partners worldwide to accelerate the sales process and close business faster, by providing easy access to key sales and marketing content from mobile devices anytime, anywhere.

The new EPN PartnerLink mobile app supports iOS, Android and Blackberry devices and is designed to broaden partner access, engage partners with relevant content and increase the awareness and uptake of products, programs and promotions.

PartnerLink will allow sales teams to act on current product promotions, to better respond to customer requests and close deals out in the field, which has become an important differentiator in today's mobile environment.

PartnerLink will allow Extreme Networks' authorised partners to register sales opportunities from any location, and will provide easily accessible content like product promotions, up to date customer case studies, datasheets, and competitive sales battle cards. PartnerLink also has the power to deliver focused regional content based on users' geographies.

As a partner-first organisation with more than 2,500 partners worldwide, Extreme Networks is dedicated to enabling channel partner success, and the launch of PartnerLink is the latest move demonstrating the company's efforts to simplify daily processes and accelerate the flow of information with mobility for enterprise users.

"As we continue to build a world-class company with best-in-class products and programmes focused on partner success, it's imperative that we give our partners the tools they need to succeed. With the launch of PartnerLink, we're doing just that. PartnerLink streamlines operations to allow sales teams more time to focus on the activities that matter – moving prospects through the sales funnel and generating revenue. The launch of PartnerLink is just one example of how our commitment to partner profitability and innovation is second-to-none," said Bob Gault, Vice President of Global Channels and Partners, Extreme Networks.

For more information on how mobile sales enablement solutions can be used by your sales and marketing teams to accelerate the sales cycle, read this complimentary eBook, Mobile Sales Enablement Simplified. This eBook provides details regarding how mobile technology allows sales teams to be hyper-relevant to their audience and thoroughly follow-up, while giving marketing insight into the ROI of their content marketing.