Mobile Tech Lead at Farmers Insurance: "You Need to Know What is Out There to Understand Mobile and Provide Mobility"

Gilad Shai, Mobile Tech Lead at Farmers Insurance, discusses how mobility has impacted the way they interact with their customers.

In this presentation he covers key areas on their journey, such as:

  • When building the mobile environment they had to consider: what is mobility?
  • How internal discussions moved to how they interacted with customers and how, where and when customers consume content
  • The need to understand whether something works within the existing environment and if content provides value to the customers
  • The acceleration of technology
  • That mobility is starting to move away from the phone – and what this means for them
  • When providing content it needs to be in the right place, the right time, and the right type of app
  • The need to know what is out there to understand mobile and provide mobility