The Tale of Two Pitchbooks: Enabling Complex Sales with Enterprise Mobility

Posted: 09/14/2015

Traditional sales tools like the printed pitchbook have generally been the centrepiece of a complex and inefficient sales process. Extensively researched and expensively bound, it has helped sales teams project the image of confidence, and given them the ability to close multi-million-dollar opportunities.

However, paper-based tools of this nature also have serious limitations. These limitations can be effectively addressed with help of the next generation of sales enablement software, running on touch-enabled mobile devices.

By reading this paper, you’ll learn how mobile devices and modern sales enablement software:

  • Shorten the sales cycle and promote organisational learning
  • Turn customer meetings into engaging and collaborative experiences
  • Improve customer engagement before and after meetings

With powerful mobile solutions, sales teams can finally go paperless, benefitting from shorter sales cycles and improved customer engagement, which will drive business success.

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Posted: 09/14/2015