A Promising Partnership for Better Employee Protection and Corporate Data Security

Pradeo, a specialist in innovative solutions for mobile application security, has announced planned collaboration with AirWatch, the leading enterprise mobility management provider, to offer an efficient security solution to face business challenges with data protection.

Due to the ever-growing market for mobile apps in the enterprise, and the increased use of smartphones by employees, information security continues to be at the forefront of priorities for many companies.

Together with AirWatch, Pradeo will look to provide enterprise customers with an innovative security solution that will complement the industry-leading AirWatch by VMware EMM Suite.

Pradeo will analyse all the apps running on a fleet of devices, managed by AirWatch, and will return a detailed security report determining if a particular app is authorised or not, according to the security policy pre-determined by the client company. AirWatch will then activate, and compliance policies will be put in place to remediate security threats.

"Collaborating with solutions from Pradeo gives customers an even greater view of the security of their mobile fleet of devices," said Erik Frieberg, Vice President of End-User Computing, VMware. "Security is top-of-mind for our customers, and our expansive security ecosystem delivers on our commitment to provide enterprise security with consumer simplicity."

"For Pradeo, the partnership with AirWatch is already a success and we are very proud of it," said Stêphane Saad, Co-Founder, Pradeo. "Far before the official release of the collaboration of our security solution with AirWatch, we received a wide number of pre-orders and positive feedback from major players, who develop projects that cover millions of mobile devices. This illustrates that the management and security of mobile devices have become increasingly important for companies and organisations."