Acclaimed Speakers, Interactive Sessions Highlight Security Exchange

If you don’t know by now, security threats are everywhere and expanding twice as quickly as the technology it targets. Never more than now has the ability to hack an enterprise’s data been so prevalent, as access points sit in the palm of employees’ hands.

So how does a company stop an attack before it’s too late? A recent IBM report showed the average cost of a breach to the enterprise was a staggering $4 million when all was said and done. Is your company able to, or want to, absorb that kind of loss?

Defending Your Attack Surface will be the opening topic of Enterprise Mobility Exchange’s Security West event to be held April 24 and 25 in Phoenix, Arizona. Keynote speaker Nick Savage, Acting Assistant Special Agent in Charge of Cybersecurity for the FBI will deliver the address, highlighting the importance of prevention in the enterprise and how to efficiently leverage technologies to better visualize incoming attacks.

Monitoring your company’s endpoints is essential to keeping the kingdom gated. Without the proper security functions, there’ll be no stopping a hacker looking for your company’s data.

Mobile security is the theme of April’s Exchange, as 40 CIOs, CISOs, Directors and VPs of IT will join in an intimate setting of networking, benchmarking, and information sharing to understand the obstacles each is facing and solutions that work best for individual companies and verticals.

Also on the agenda, which can be found here, “The Letter of the Law: Who is Liable When it Comes to Security Breaches?” will see Data Privacy and Cyber Security attorney Jamal Hartenstein dive into the legal implications of data breaches in the enterprise.

The single biggest threat to the enterprise is the escalating use of BYOD platforms in companies large and small. IT departments are tasked with combatting threats across multiple types of devices and operating systems. Moderated by analyst firm ESG, BYOD Success Stories will be discussed as a panel at the event, featuring Derek Wheeler, CISO for the State of Maryland, and Murali Nathan, Solutions Architect for Avery Dennison.

Hitting the point even harder will be the presentation of a case study on top tips to prevent an attack before it happens, and a look at how hackers attack enterprise data through mobile devices.

IT executives will have a jam-packed two day agenda with 15 presentations, three think tank sessions, and a dozen one-to-one business meetings with onsite solution providers. To find out more about Enterprise Mobility Exchange: Security West, visit the website here.

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