AirWatch Enjoys Time in the Spotlight with Security and EMM Announcements at AirWatch Connect

This week, at the exciting AirWatch Connect event in Atlanta, AirWatch has been taking the opportunity to showcase some significant new business mobility solutions designed to drive innovation for customers and help transform organisations.

The event is demonstrating how AirWatch by VMWare is one of the world’s leading platforms for Enterprise Mobility in the current mobile landscape. The announcements of enhancements to make AirWatch a more complete way of delivering the future of mobility have included an increased focus on user privacy education, updates for Windows 10 enablement, and simplification of delivering apps to devices.

"As the leader in EMM, we continue to relentlessly innovate for our customers," said John Marshall, Senior VP and General Manager, AirWatch. "Today, we’re building a platform for the next phase of mobility, providing the tools to transform organisations and deliver true business transformation. We deliver consumer-simple, enterprise-secure solutions with user privacy in mind, and are working with our customers to define the future of what's possible with business mobility."

Businesses looking to leverage mobility can now turn to the AirWatch Privacy First programme to relieve concerns of slower rates of adoption due to privacy fears. This will offer expanded privacy education and transparency with emphasis on organisational compliance, along with end user flexibility and choice.

This is in-line with privacy serving as one of the core components of AirWatch’s philosophy, and will allow both enterprise IT departments and their end users to gain much more from the enterprise mobile initiatives present within their organisation.

This will involve AirWatch EMM solutions to provide simple administrative configurations for data privacy and policy management to help IT administrators maintain compliance.

Additionally, new online resources for employees will include educational information about data usage and privacy policies. This will result in greater awareness and understanding of the security features of the solutions in place on their mobile devices.

Another development to come out of the event is that AirWatch will introduce enhanced support for Windows 10, and new capabilities within the EMM solution to enable unified end-point management with further support for operating systems and devices.

Furthermore, AirWatch will continue to improve on its ability to help enterprises innovatively re-engineer their mission-critical applications for mobile employees for business transformation. This will include new solutions and partnerships such as iBeacon support, identity and access management, and the launch of the AirWatch Mobile Security Alliance to give customers trusted and vetted security options seamlessly integrated into the AirWatch platform.