EMM Platform Delivers Security and Control to Meet Requirements in Regulated Industries

Wednesday, February 25, 2015.

Globo Plc, a global provider of EMM and application development platforms and services, has announced a broad range of enhancements to its EMM product suite, GO!Enterprise.

The intention of these improvements is to allow the company to strategically target new market sectors. Following the announcement, Globo will demonstrate these new features at Mobile World Congress, taking place next week in Barcelona.

From an EMM point of view, the new set of functionalities is designed to meet the needs of security and compliance for users such as call centre staff or hospital workers, and in sectors such as transportation and shipping, where shift-based employees often share devices.

Globo customers can secure and manage work environments for both one device-to-one user and one device-to-many users. The company will also demonstrate new features that allow greater integration with the enterprise network, such as certificate management and Cisco ISE network access control.

With its mobile application development services, GO!AppZone Studio, Globo will release new functionality that extends and scales the platform for both application developers and enterprise IT teams.

"The enhancements we are making address both mobile app developers' and enterprise customers' biggest challenges - the need to increase security, maintain compliance, integrate with corporate networks and secure mobile apps. We are confident that the new feature set will help our business expand to meet the rigorous and evolving demands of highly-regulated industries, such as healthcare, financial services, legal and government," said Paul DePond, VP of Technology & Innovation, Globo Plc.

The GO!Enterprise product suite offers secure data and app management, in addition to holistic device management with granular oversight by IT. The GO!Enterprise workspace is a secure container for securing enterprise-specific data and applications on mobile devices, regardless of whether those devices are personally-owned or company-issued.

The container manages use of bespoke or off-the-shelf company apps and connections to the network, whilst providing data access, control and encryption to meet the highest industry standards.