Corporate Mobile Security Needs for Smartphones, Tablets and Connected Devices

It has been announced today that Pradeo, a leader in mobile application security or smartphones, tablets and connected devices (IoT), will align with MobileIron to offer comprehensive corporate mobile security.

The market for mobile apps in the enterprise continues to grow exponentially, but challenges for companies and their employees associated with cyber security are also growing. To address this critical issue of vulnerability, Pradeo announced it has joined forces with MobileIron to work hand-in-hand to strengthen the security of corporate mobile device deployments.

The MobileIron platform was built to secure and manage modern operating systems in a world of mixed-use devices. It focuses on identity, context, and privacy enforcement to set the appropriate level of access to enterprise data and services.

MobileIron secures data-at-rest on devices, in apps, and in cloud storage, and secures data-in-motion as it moves between the corporate network, devices, and storage repositories. With MobileIron, enterprise IT leaders can secure corporate information wherever it lives while ensuring employee privacy is maintained.

With the Pradeo partnership, MobileIron customers will be able to benefit from a particularly innovative anti-malware protection service, to conduct security checks on the mobile apps installed on their fleet of devices.

"We are committed to bringing our customers innovations to power their strategic mobility initiatives. By joining forces with Pradeo, we will be able to better serve companies battling new malware," said John Spencer, Vice President of Ecosystem, MobileIron. "Security is a crucial issue for enterprises today, and we support them in securing corporate information wherever it lives while preserving employee privacy."

This service, which is pre-integrated into the platform, will offer easy use for the clients. Users will deploy Pradeo's CheckMyApps service (available in SaaS mode), create an account and define their target security policy regarding mobile apps.

The CheckMyApps platform will automatically connect to the MobileIron server to launch a live download of all the applications installed on the mobile devices, assess their security and ensure devices meet the customer's predetermined security parameters.

"This partnership validates our strategy and confirms our convictions: behavioural analysis of mobile apps is the solution of the future, which was missing on the market up until today, in order to efficiently protect mobile devices from threats inherent to mobile apps. This opens up access to new markets, and confirms our decision of opening an office in San Francisco," added Stêphane Saad, Co-Founder of Pradeo.