Demand Far Exceeding Supply In Growing Cyber Security Job Market

Cyber security is no longer just a simple workflow item for the IT department: it has become its own vertical, one that requires intense focus and directed spending.

As such, the job market in cyber security has become a dearth of open seats, with demand for professionals at nearly 45% of the entire industry’s currently filled positions.

As of mid-2016, there were a total of 348,975 cyber security job openings across the United States, with 778,402 cyber security professionals currently employed. The organization CyberSeek, a project program supported by U.S. Department of Commerce, dives deep into the market on its website, claiming to “help close the cybersecurity skills gap, [CyberSeek] provides detailed, actionable data about supply and demand in the cybersecurity job market.”

The breakdown by state is quite telling, as California leads the nation with 45,062 current openings, followed by Virginia with 36,342 openings – the majority of which circled the Washington, D.C. area.

And as companies continue to scramble to fill seats with certified professionals, the market continues to be pounded with new and growing threats on a daily basis.

The federal government increased its budget for cyber security measures by 35% year over year, climbing from $14 billion to $19 billion, while large enterprises such as J.P. Morgan dobled its cyber security budget to a whopping $500 million.

But it’s still not enough, according to Pacific Crest analyst Rob Owens, who said earlier this year about 3% of capital expenditures are being focused on security, which is relatively low.

It’s no secret mobility in the enterprise is growing rapidly, therefore creating a further need for cyber security professionals to keep tabs on the immense number of threat vectors. As described by Nick Savage, Acting Assistant Supervising Agent of Cybersecurity for the FBI, security – or the lack thereof – impacts everyone from the boardroom down and needs to be addressed in force by an enterprise.

There are more mobile devices (8.6 billion) than people (7 billion) on planet earth, Savage said at Enterprise Mobility Exchange’s Mobile Cloud Computing and Security Event held in October, and that ration continues to widen daily. Further, it’s expected that 300 billion apps will be downloaded by 2020. Savage doesn’t see 300 billion ways to connect, rather, 300 billion access points for hackers who are “smiling from ear to ear” and waiting to steal data and information, he said.

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