Enterprise Cyber Security Systems Must Secure Devices and Networks in the Mobile Era

Global cyber security solution provider Fortinet announced yesterday its FortiGuard Mobile Security subscription service, which will help BYOD-heavy enterprises protect mobile devices from cyber threats.

The new FortiGuard Mobile Security subscription service will offer mobile application control and mobile malware protection across both iOS and Android environments. This is in response to the trend that wireless access is quickly catching up with wired access in enterprise networks. As a result, maintaining visibility and control of mobile traffic has become just as critical as traditional network traffic.

In addition to the launch of FortiGuard Mobile Security subscription service, Fortinet has also announced an agreement to acquire Meru Networks, a leader in intelligent Wi-Fi networking. The combination of this acquisition with FortiGuard Mobile Security services will strengthen Fortinet's solutions platform, and reinforce its ability to help enterprises of all sizes deploy, manage and secure wireless networks in a mobile era. Fortinet is one of the few network security providers with visibility into mobile devices and traffic throughout the entire enterprise network, including the core, data centre and cloud, WAN, LAN and WLAN.

As the industry evolves, WLAN could become one of the primary access mechanisms of choice for enterprises, as it allows flexible and cost-effective deployment. Mobile devices connect here rather than through the fixed Ethernet LAN, which allows for greater scale and security services to provide mobile device enforcement.

Fortinet FortiGuard subscription services provide comprehensive cyber security protection against content and network level threats, and will be deployable with Fortinet's industry-leading FortiGate integrated security appliances.

Powered by Fortinet's global threat research team with in-depth security expertise, threat signature updates will be delivered to enterprise users in real-time to FortiGate devices around the world. Through FortiGuard research and services, Fortinet delivers a combination of multi-layered security intelligence and provides true zero-day protection from new and emerging cyber threats.

"IT infrastructure is evolving constantly with BYOD, cloud, SDN, hybrid WAN and secure WLAN, making the enterprise more flexible, yet at the same time exposing new points of entry for the malicious attacks," said John Maddison, VP Marketing Products at Fortinet. "Our new mobile application control and mobile malware protection service integrated into the network, and particularly WLAN, provide enterprises globally with the visibility and control they need over mobile devices to protect their corporate assets, especially in BYOD environments."