FBI Cybersecurity Chief: As Mobile Use Grows, So Do Threats

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If security in your enterprise hasn’t become a focal point yet, it must, and it should happen now.

That’s according to Nick Savage, Acting Assistant Supervising Agent of Cybersecurity for the Federal Bureau of Investigations. Savage spent nearly an hour addressing the audience at the Mobile Cloud Computing & Security Exchange in Miami on October 11 as the event’s opening keynote speaker.

The career law enforcement official came armed with data, statistics, and real-world stories of what security means in a mobile world and why any organization – private or public – should be equipped to handle the growing threat of cybersecurity attacks.

Savage made it clear that security for an enterprise impacts everyone from the board room and down, and should no longer be the exclusive responsibility of a small few inside the IT department.

“Security isn’t just an IT issue,” Savage said. “This is a business issue. And if you don’t know the business, how do you know what’s important? Does the company’s board know what’s important, and what are they going to do to protect the things that are most important?”

With the speed in which mobile device use is scaling, not just in the U.S. but globally, the ability to combat constant threats is falling behind.

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There are more mobile devices (8.6 billion) than people (7 billion) on planet earth, Savage said, and that ration continues to widen daily. Further, it’s expected that 300 billion apps will be downloaded by 2020. Savage doesn’t see 300 billion ways to connect, rather, 300 billion access points for hackers who are “smiling from ear to ear” and waiting to steal data and information, he said.

Looking to the future, Savage noted Generation Z, or those who were born between 1994 and 2004, are going to pose an incredible conundrum when the time comes for them to fully enter the workforce.

“This is a generation that never knew life without a device,” Savage said. “They’re digital natives, and they’re used to ubiquitous connectivity. It will be the most diverse workforce in history, but one that isn’t afraid to share their information with complete strangers.”

Savage’s presentation touched on many points, but the overarching theme was that being focused on security is no longer just an option, rather it’s a necessity. Enterprises – small, large, public or private – must adapt before a threat completely destroys the organization. Whatever it costs to secure the enterprise will pale in comparison to the damage that could be done by a breach of any size.

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