Field Service, Cybersecurity Top Enterprise Mobility's Q3 News

The news is constant and always evolving, much like the IT industry and its various components. That was no different in 2016’s Q3, as Enterprise Mobility Exchange covered many of the trends being followed on a daily basis.

Let’s take a look back at some of EME’s biggest stories of the last three months. Click on the article headline to read the full story.

Enhancing the Customer Experience: Connected Devices for Field Service Workflows
With customer satisfaction the top metric for success in field service, leading organizations are increasingly equipping their mobile teams with actionable insights to make revenue-generating decisions in real-time.

Upgrading equipment, making field service workflows more efficient, and keeping the end user satisfied: these are the changes necessary to continue enterprise growth.

The Emergence Of Chatbots In The Enterprise
Momentum for chatbots is growing as companies seek to develop services on top of the data that’s available to them, industry observers say. Companies from KLM Airlines to Taco Bell, Sephora, Whole Foods and Expedia, among others, have all rolled out chatbots to let users order food, book flights, inquire about services and browse online stores.

Risky In Rio: No Medals For Cybersecurity In 2016 Olympics
The 2016 Summer Olympics were watched from around the world with athletes from all corners of the globe. As half a million tourists descended on host city Rio de Janeiro, so did their mobile devices. What many did not know was that Rio, and Brazil in general, is a black hole of cybersecurity issues with hackers setting simple and elaborate traps alike to breach the devices of unsuspecting tourists.

IDC: Enterprise Mobile Adoption Being Driven By Millenials; Future Depends On Culture Shift
Enterprise Mobility Exchange sat down with IDC Vice President of Mobility Strategies Mike Jennett to discuss the future of mobility. Jennett believes mobile-centric is a profit center for IT organizations where they can take data and systems that traditionally sat in the background and utilize them to create new revenue streams for the company.

IQPC’s 2016 Enterprise Mobility Exchange: The Enterprise Mobility Market Comes Of Age
IQPC held an event in Atlanta where IT professionals came to discuss obstacles of digital transformation as well as successes. Event attendee and VDC Research analyst David Krebs took a look at the overall themes of the event and spelled out the highlights. 

Not Your Daddy’s Field Service Operation
Advances in cellular connectivity, cloud-based applications, and the Internet of Things are creating new opportunities for businesses to derive value out of their field services organizations. Learn about changing market forces and Internet of Things; managing challenges around anytime, anywhere connectivity; and meeting the practical and technical needs of the workforce.

Mobile Worker Productivity Takes Off At Frankfurt International Airport
In today’s ever-evolving working environment, your mobile VPN needs to offer the flexibility, visibility, and control needed to empower limitless productivity for your workforce. Discover how one of the busiest airports in the world has deployed a user-friendly mobility solution that doesn’t’ require staff to be tech-savvy to access mission critical applications and data.

Apple Releases Emergency iOS Upgrade After ‘Rare’ Spyware Found
In early August, human rights activist Ahmed Mansoor of the United Arab Emirates received text messages on his iPhone asking him to click on an included link. Little did he know, had he clicked on that link, his iPhone would have become a tracking device enabling a hacker to use his camera and microphone remotely.