Gartner Symposium: IT Is The Name Of The Game For Businesses

Open the door – IT is no longer in a silo.

That was the general theme at the busy Gartner Symposium in Orlando Monday, Oct. 17, as thousands of IT professionals filled ballrooms and clogged meeting spaces to learn, network, and make business relationships.

Calling itself the “world’s most important gathering of CIOs and Senior IT Executives,” the four-day symposium was bustling to kick off the work week, as Gartner Senior Vice President of Research Peter Sondergaard took the stage for the morning’s keynote session.

“We’re in a permanent state of upgrade,” Sondergaard said. “What was once a vision for the next era is now a project for next year. We need to value IT investments as assets, not costs.”

Sondergaard laid out the game plan for what was essentially an overarching theme on the day: IT can no longer operate on its own in the enterprise. It must be fully integrated into the business model, since it has become such an integral part of the organization.

“You can’t expect everything to change around you without your enterprise changing as well,” Sondergaard continued.

Those sentiments were followed up by one of Sondergaard’s colleagues in a later session, titled “Top 10 Technology Trends and Their Impact On IT And Operations,” presented by David Cappuccio, Distinguished Analyst for Gartner.

“The traditional IT technology adoption process is essentially square peg, round hole,” Cappuccio said. “Business in IT is imperative. The easy part is the technology; the hard part is the impact on the enterprise.”

Cappuccio explained to the room that IT leaders must think horizontally – be able to see which issue needs to be addressed across all platforms and how to solve each issue independently while keeping continuity across the enterprise.

Integrating the two enterprise functions – IT and business – was also a focus for Verizon, who sat down with reporters in an intimate round table setting to field questions about processes and what may be in store for 2017.

Senior Vice President of sales George Fischer and CIO Vic Bhagat spoke to the importance of integrating the two sides, and how enterprises who handle the combined growth will likely see the best margins.

“IT needs to work more closely with the C-suite to make technology work,” Bhagat said. “Enterprises need to know how to leverage the technology they have and grow at the same time.”