Global Enterprise Communications Services Unified and Protected by Strategic Solutions

Thursday, January 22, 2015.

Smiths Group has refreshed its on-going relationship with AT&T for a further six years. Valued at more than $100million, the agreement brings all of Smiths Group's communications services under one roof. The company can now securely connect its 23,000 employees across 450 offices in over 50 countries.

Smiths Group, a technology leader for over 160 years, is a $4.5billion global engineering company, headquartered in the UK. It manufactures products and supplies services that touch the everyday lives of millions of people.

Smiths Group ensures the safe delivery of pain medication, help provide energy to households, make cars and planes more fuel-efficient and improve mobile phone signals. Its advanced detection technologies keep people safe in worldwide transportation, ports and borders.

AT&T is providing Smiths Group with enhanced global network speeds and capacity solutions for its offices and locations around the world. AT&T’s security solutions keep Smiths Group's information, corporate data and assets safe. For example, AT&T Security Event and Threat Analysis service helps Smiths Group reduce risk, and increase reaction and response times to security issues.

Across its Internet data centers, AT&T is managing Smiths Group's professional content and applications so Smiths Group employees can access information quickly, easily and securely wherever they are located around the world. These managed services include Smiths Group's enterprise resource planning and worldwide email.

Employees at any Smiths Group location can communicate with each other using their laptop or smartphone with the same single, easy-to-use interface. AT&T is integrating Smiths Group's existing unified communications with the AT&T cloud-based voice platform. An AT&T global MDM solution helps secure all smartphones in the network.

When asked about this development in their relationship, Stuart Beesley, Chief Information Officer, Smiths Group said, "This extended and long-term agreement with AT&T is strategically important for us, as it will help us grow our business around the world. The communications, hosting and security solutions will aid our global expansion and growth priorities, make us more agile and productive, speed up decision making, foster greater collaboration and help fuel greater innovation.

"We'll spend less on operating costs, while enabling our employees to react more quickly to business demands and customer needs. AT&T's global scale helps us ensure that our most critical assets are in safe hands while at the same time benefiting from new and emerging technologies."