Government Mobile Security Measures Look to Combat a Rise in Mobile Malware

Monday, January 26, 2015.

Global mobile security leader Lookout has announced Lookout Federal Systems, which has been developed with the aim of meeting the unique requirements of the government marketplace, to help make the federal workforce more productive through the secure use of mobile technologies.

In order to achieve this, Lookout has partnered with Carahsoft, a trusted IT solution provider to government oranisations. In addition to the announcement, the Lookout Federal Systems Advisory Board was revealed, and will work with Lookout management to educate federal agencies regarding secure use of mobile devices.

As Lookout’s 2014 Mobile Threat Report established, mobile malware has grown by 75% in the US over the last year and is becoming increasingly sophisticated, and so additional measures have needed to be taken to combat such security issues. This was evidenced by a risk assessment conducted by Lookout, which revealed that 29% of a sample of mobile devices connected to the networks of a major US federal agency had encountered a mobile threat.

Bob Stevens, Vice President of Lookout Federal Systems explained, "As federal agencies adopt BYOD and other mobility programs to reduce costs, increase productivity and effectiveness, and appeal to a changing workforce, the growth and sophistication of mobile malware must be addressed.

"Mobile devices store and transmit immense amounts of data, are highly portable and constantly connected to unsecured networks, making them an extremely weak link in the security ecosystem. At Lookout, we have access to virtually all the mobile code in the world, which allows us to predict and stop mobile attacks before they do harm, and make it safer for mobile devices to be used in the federal workplace."

The advanced mobile security technology is powered by a collaborative global sensor network of over 60million users and partnerships, with the largest mobile network operators in the world. More than 10,000 mobile apps are added to Lookout’s network on a daily basis, providing access to the world’s most robust dataset of mobile code.

"As the trusted IT solutions provider for federal government, we see the government's demand for improved mobile security solutions growing significantly," said Brian O'Donnell, Vice President at Carahsoft. "Lookout's cyber security solutions focus solely on mobile, making it an ideal partner to enable our federal customers to securely and confidently deploy mobility initiatives within their organisations."

The Lookout Federal Systems Advisory Board will be chaired by Roger Cressey, a nationally recognised expert on counter-terrorism and cyber security, as well as a former director on the National Security Council.

"Mobile is already a significant cyber security threat vector and the risks are only increasing as private and public sector organisations alike embark on mobility initiatives," said Cressey. "To protect their missions, federal cyber security leaders need a stronger understanding of the risks mobile devices introduce to their organisations, so that they can develop in-depth defense strategies that systematically address the threat of mobile attacks."