Mobile Security Spotlight: Exchanging Ideas, Finding Solutions

To keep the enterprise secure is no longer a prescient mindset, rather one of utmost importance and current priority. As mobile proliferates in the enterprise, so do threat vectors, and that’s exactly why IT executives from around the United States are coming together in Phoenix, Arizona this month to network, share information, and benchmark with their peers.

The event, Enterprise Mobility Exchange: Security West on April 24 and 25 to be held at the Renaissance Phoenix Glendale Hotel and Spa will feature 11 speaker presentations in addition to three think tank sessions, along with networking opportunities between end users and onsite solution providers.

A niche focus on mobile security across all industries will propel conversations and enable attendees to learn about BYOD, COPE, IoT, and apps in the enterprise that not only create vulnerable endpoints but require specific solutions to maintain a secure environment.

Keynote speaker Nick Savage, Acting ASAC of Cyber Security for the FBI, will open the Exchange with a presentation on “Defending Your Attack Surface,” highlighting the challenges and concerns of security in a connected world, and how to build an effective defense system and information assurance framework.

While Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) continues to grow in the enterprise as many companies have adopted the initiative full throttle, while others continue to weigh the pros and cons, some businesses have expanded on a global scale. Ryan Fay, Global CIO of ACI Specialty Benefits, oversees an international network of more than 50,000 mobile devices for his company. Fay will be speaking on the importance of proper policy in the enterprise as a first step toward not only a scalable mobile initiative, but how to protect those devices before they reach the workforce.

While the nearly one dozen speakers will bring past experiences and future considerations to the meeting, one will focus on the legality of mobile security. Jamal Hartenstein, Data Privacy and Cyber Security attorney, will present his session titled, “The Letter of the Law: Who is Liable When It Comes to Security?” and explain the importance of compliance in heavily regulated industries as well as how security and architecture an impact liability.

Interactive think tanks and round table discussions will help the invite-only attendees further explore the event’s primary focus and take away strategies to implement in their own enterprise.

So why is the Exchange such an important event?

It’s the only place you’ll find a closed-door environment where IT executives can speak candidly at a high level without interruption or red tape that would normally preclude c-level professionals from meeting face to face. At Enterprise Mobility Exchange’s Mobile Cloud Computing & Security event in October 2016, 53-percent of attendees were either directors or managers of IT services in their organizations; 30-percent were either CIO or CISO level; and 17-percent were architects or advisors of IT in their enterprise.

In addition, eight unique industries were represented at the event, from healthcare to financial services to manufacturing.

A similar scope of attendees and industries will partake in the Security West event in Phoenix. Find out more about the event here.

Enterprise Mobility Exchange’s event platform will continue in June for its Mobility in Healthcare event, which will take place June 12 and 13 in San Antonio, Texas. Dozens of attendees and onsite solution providers will contribute to another two-day event with interactive speaking sessions, round tables, and think tanks, all focused on the compliance and regulation-heavy healthcare industry. To find out more about that event and how to be involved, visit the site here.