Mobile Threat Intelligence Solutions Align with AirWatch EMM for In-Depth Security

Marble Security, a leading provider of mobile threat intelligence and defence services, announced this week that it has agreed to optimise its AppHawk app threat intelligence solution with AirWatch by VMware, to deliver in-depth app analysis and policy enforcement to AirWatch customers.

The resulting AppHawk solution for AirWatch will be available immediately for Android and iOS devices, and will provide complete enterprise functionality, an automated workflow and easily adjustable privacy settings.

This solution will work to defend organisations from having their data and network security regularly exposed by employees that unknowingly install malicious apps, often referred to ask 'riskware', on their own devices. Threats also arise from users that give mobile apps permissions to download or access information stored on their devices, or accessed from the corporate network, and this will be addressed by AppHawk as well.

The enterprise requirements for solutions of this nature will only rise, as Gartner predicts that 75% of mobile security breaches from now until 2017 will occur through apps, rather than deep technical attacks on operating systems.

AppHawk will complement the AirWatch EMM solution by evaluating the vulnerability of millions of mobile apps, and consequently deliver an unprecedented level of insight and control to organisations, to minimise potential risks.

This complex level of security will come from the AppHawk analysis engine, which can analyse more than 3.5million mobile apps from around 600,000 publishers across both iOS and Android.

Additionally, AppHawk policy enforcement, which will be executed through AirWatch, will be able to vary from simple alerts, to quarantining devices, to device retirement. This cloud-based service will be operational 24/7 to identify suspicious apps in an AirWatch EMM ecosystem, and will use AirWatch Tag technology to provide enforcement instructions to the AirWatch EMM system, enabling an automated workflow.

"We look forward to diving into this AirWatch partnership. According to The Radicati Group, AirWatch is the leading global provider of EMM solutions, representing almost 50% of the EMM enterprise-installed base," said Steve Ryan, Senior Vice President, Business Development, Marble Security. "We believe AppHawk is the best app intelligence and defence service in the market, with powerful workflow that supports automated enforcement of policies. Additionally, we have fully automated our implementation process for AirWatch customers, allowing the AppHawk optimisation to go live in 30 minutes or less. The two solutions go hand-in-hand."