Only Strong As Your Weakest Security Link? Create A Metal Chain

The opening day of Enterprise Mobility Exchange’s Security West event hit the ground running with c-level executives taking part in keynote speaking sessions, information sharing, networking and benchmarking.

While talking politics may be a sore dinner topic or undesirable water cooler conversation, the FBI’s Nick Savage, Acting ASAC of Cybersecurity, opened the day explaining many enterprise attacks and breaches are coming from “hacktivists” who are conducting illegal activities in the name of political activism. An enterprise associated with any political party or candidate could be a specified target and subsequent victim because of the new trend in “hactivism.”

The day’s conversation brought about a particular theme, however, focusing on aspects of shadow IT as it relates to apps being used by employees in the enterprise and how those threat vectors become exponentially harder to secure. In addition, Generation Z – the up and coming workforce that doesn’t know life without a connected electronic device – is more willing to share personal information online, which will only escalate in an ever-growing IoT world.

Putting that into the context of the event’s focus on mobile security in the enterprise broadens the scope of the issue. With each year comes record high numbers of data breaches all while the proliferation of mobile usage in the enterprise gains traction.

Data Privacy and Cyber Security attorney Jamal Hartenstein explained to the audience that incident response will go smoother when the enterprise knows what it’s dealing with, considering of all Apple’s iOS upgrades as well as the myriad of variations in the Android OS. The command chain within a company’s IT department is long and can often break. “If you’re only as strong as your weakest link, use a metal chain,” Hartenstein commented, analogizing the importance of making every step of the security process as fool-proof as possible.

Avery Dennison’s Murali Nathan and ACI Specialty Benefits’ Ryan Fay, sitting as panelists in a think tank about Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), touched on putting the onus on the employee to help keep the enterprise secure. Nathan expressed personal accountability as the most important first step in a BYOD platform. On the same note, Fay explained making the process for an employee to report a security issue more streamlined and less harrowing so incidents are brought to the forefront as quickly as possible.

The event features 20 c-level executives from industries including manufacturing, health and wellness, hospitality, and financial services, among others. Held in Phoenix, Arizona, Security West is a two-day event focusing on the challenges and best practices of mobile security in the enterprise.

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