Operability vs. Security: How Cyber Law Impacts Enterprises

Navigating the legal landscape in the ever-changing world of technology is of utmost importance for enterprises, but are enough organizations following the guidelines? Or do they even know what protection is provided in their policies?

At Enterprise Mobility Exchange’s Security West Coast event, being held April 24 and 25 in Phoenix, Arizona, Jamal Hartenstein, Data Privacy and Cyber Security lawyer will lead the agenda segment titled “Letter of the Law,” and address what companies may face after a data breach and how security – or lack thereof – can compromise a brand.

Hartenstein will wade into the issues of how a breach or data loss can result in a civil lawsuit, costing the enterprise millions and millions of dollars; how legislation is not catching up with the daily changes in technology – both from hacking capabilities to security measures; and how enterprises can, and must, keep their mobile security policies polished at all times.

“[Attendees] can expect to learn some ways to mitigate the threat of catastrophic litigation, what factors are required in a negligence civil claim, and what to address in a mobile device use policy to get the upper hand on the battle between operability and security,” Hartenstein said.

The California-based attorney noted enterprises' need to be having dialogue with their in-house counsel, incidence response planners, and cyber security insurance teams about mobile device usage policies. “The battle between operability and security becomes a battle between the IT legal divisions,” Hartenstein said. “A sound policy with the users is imperative, and should even include the end-of-employment process for the mobile device and data-ownership in the event the organization is subpoenaed, for example," he said.

Hartenstein is just one of the speakers tackling a variety of topics in the mobile security landscape. Keynote speaker Nick Savage, Acting Assistant Special Agent in Charge of Cybersecurity for the FBI, will share his unique view and insight on the world of mobile devices and the security needed to keep threats away, which will encompass the topic from edge to edge.

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To learn more about the Exchange format and how it works, visit the Security West Coast site here.