Organizing InfoSec To Create Enterprise Mobility Success

Securing the mobile enterprise isn’t simple – that’s a no brainer. But doing so goes beyond MDMs, security layers, and localized dashboards.

According to Gram Ludlow, Vice President of Information Security at Flowers Foods, Inc., all company InfoSec teams needs to be properly aligned and organized to fully realize a secure mobile ecosystem.

Ludlow will be a keynote speaker at the Enterprise Mobility Exchange: Security West event on April 24 and 25 in Phoenix, Arizona. His session, titled “Building and Maintaining a Business Led Information Security Program,” will take a look at how to establish information and mobile security as a distinct business function; the challenges and benefits from having an InfoSec department outside of IT; and how to communicate with the business as a peer.

“In this session we’ll discuss how the organizational placement of the information security function can effect security and through that, enterprise mobility,” Ludlow said to Enterprise Mobility Exchange. “As information risk continues to grow, many companies are struggling with information security and, more often than not, failing to protect their enterprise.”

Ludlow is among a dozen speakers who will take the stage at Security West to share information and lend techniques and tips to the audience of c-level executives during the two-day event.

“A major root cause of these continuing failures is that the information security department is not organizationally aligned for success,” Ludlow said. “The presentation will define, explore, and analyze the benefits (and drawbacks) of a business-led information security department that is designed for success.”

Ludlow will walk the audience through a scenario of how a well-placed information security team can both enable business and mitigate risk.

Other speakers include Ryan Fay, Global CIO of ACI Specialty Benefits, who oversees a network of more than 50,000 BYO devices around the globe, as well as Jamal Hartenstein, a Data Privacy and Cyber Security attorney who will explain the legal ramifications of a lack in security and how breaches can send businesses tumbling.

The Enterprise Mobility Exchange: Security West will have dozens of c-level executives from various industries such as government, manufacturing, and financial services.

The two-day event is jam-packed with speakers and info sessions, including keynote addresses, think tanks, and round tables, along with one-to-one networking opportunities. “The presentations were the right blend of technical deep dives, high level case studies and inspirational/frightening overviews,” said one previous attendee. “Add to that the panels and the roundtable discussions, (and) the two days flew by so fast. It was the most informative, yet exhausting conference I’ve attended.”

To learn more about the event, visit the website by clicking here. To see previous coverage of speakers who will be in attendance, go here