Powerful New Platforms for Enterprise Analytics, Enterprise Mobility and Enterprise Security

Wednesday, January 28, 2015.

Leading enterprise software platform provider MicroStrategy Incorporated has announced the availability of MicroStrategy 9s, bringing enterprise-grade cyber security to the world's leading analytics platform, through integration with MicroStrategy Usher, a powerful new security solution.

MicroStrategy 9s is a comprehensive, unified platform designed to ensure that the appropriate levels of information security are maintained for enterprises, developed in response to the persistent cyber threats that have made security a top priority for organisations globally.

Described as being uniquely positioned at the nexus of analytics, security, and mobility, MicroStrategy 9s can enhance every MicroStrategy Analytics and MicroStrategy Mobile application with additional security measures such as authentication, user administration and tracking features.

"In 2015, compromised security has emerged as one of the greatest threats on the planet, and industry leaders are demanding an all-encompassing solution that combines analytics, security, and mobility in a single integrated platform," said Michael Saylor, CEO, MicroStrategy Incorporated.

"MicroStrategy 9s fills this void by providing enterprise-grade security for web, cloud, and mobile analytics. By removing security concerns as an inhibitor, MicroStrategy 9s can allow our customers and partners to more confidently deploy applications that deliver powerful business value to the enterprise."

The associated MicroStrategy Usher is designed to simplify the complex process of enterprise security, and is now generally available for the first time. MicroStrategy Usher is a powerful mobile identity platform which provides security for business processes and systems across the whole enterprise.

The solution can replace conventional passwords with biometric mobile identity and multi-level authentication, and offers reinforced, streamlined security administration capabilities. MicroStrategy Usher also features digital badges issued via smartphone, geo-fenced environment access, time-fenced access restrictions, and Touch ID access on mobile devices.

MicroStrategy Usher is easy to set up, and can be deployed to thousands of users within minutes and delivers near real-time, 360-degree view into user activities to detect anomalies and abnormal usage patterns, in order to enhance enterprise risk management, streamline business processes, and reduce fraud.

The new MicroStrategy Secure Cloud platform for analytics, mobile and security applications is architected for leading MicroStrategy and Usher software via the cloud, with pre-configured MicroStrategy servers, coupled with the required supporting infrastructure with metadata databases, relational databases, and big data storage.

MicroStrategy Secure Cloud has been developed to be scalable and flexible enough to grow with an enterprise’s applications’ successes, as well as capable of meeting usage spikes from a user’s analytics and mobile apps.

These solutions will help enterprises focus more efforts on building mobile applications to grow their business, with the reassurance that their valuable assets and data are secure.