RSA 2017: Will It Impact The Enterprise?

It’s one of the largest cyber security-focused events of the year, set smack dab in San Francisco, an ever-growing hot bed of IT. The annual RSA Conference will kick off Monday, Feb. 13 and run through the week, culminating on Friday, Feb. 17.

And while the masses – tens of thousands are expected to cram the city for a week – are coming to peruse new vendors, hear industry-leading keynote speakers, and of course get out of the office for a few days, what exactly will this event do for enterprise-level security functions in 2017?

The timing of the 2016 conference was interesting, as the privacy vs. security debate raged while government officials attempted breaking into the San Bernardino terrorist’s iPhone. The debate raged on about encryption, security, and how – or if – global tech giants and law enforcement could somehow work in unison.

Also of note in 2016 was the forward looking view into Internet of Things (IoT) and how it will shape, or disrupt, security in the enterprise. Speaking at the conference, Symantec CEO Michael Brown said an entirely new approach will be needed to enterprise security, and companies will need to pare down or shorten the list of security layers currently being employed. Some estimates say a typical enterprise deploys some 30 distinct security products.

Just like last year, 2017 will offer the Innovation Sandbox competition, which gives startups the opportunity to showcase their new information security products to a packed room of press, investors, and end users. The 2017 version will undoubtedly be a highly sought after and attended session.

So how will RSA 2017 impact the enterprise? What’s on tap for companies to bring back to the board room?

It looks like the focus will again be on IoT, using the massive DDoS attack of Oct. 21 as a backdrop, when not only prominent websites were taken offline for a day, but other Internet-based systems like security cameras and DVRs also fell victim, opening an entirely new gateway to cyberattacks.

Of course ransomware, malware, phishing schemes and even the most basic of threats will be scrutinized, lending information to attendees on how deep those issues truly go while offering advice on how to combat them going forward.

Thanks to its ubiquity and continuous growth, a full-day conference within the event will be held Feb. 13 about cloud and the various ways it can be left unsecured. “This year’s Cloud Security Alliance Summit welcomes world leading security experts and cloud providers to discuss global governance, the latest trends in technology, the threat landscape, security innovations, best practices and global governance in order to help organizations address the new frontiers in cloud security,” according to an event preview from RSA.

Other enterprise focused sessions include topics like buying, deploying, and managing the complex cybersecurity decision, as well as the perils of Shadow IT: The App-to-Cloud Security Gap.

Enterprise Mobility Exchange is hosting its own security event, with a focus on enterprise mobility, April 24 and 25 in Phoenix, Arizona. The event, Security West, will offer keynote speakers from the worlds of government, financial services, education and others along with 40 CIOs, CISOs, VPs, Heads and Directors of IT from all industries and verticals.

To learn more about the Exchange format and how it works, visit the Security West Coast site here.

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