5 Most Popular Enterprise Mobility Exchange Articles In Q1

2019 Is Off To A Great Start

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Steven Lerner

One quarter of 2019 is already in the books. So far, the enterprise mobility industry has been dominated by stories about the anticipation of 5G and the aftermath of the 2019 MWC. Enterprise Mobility Exchange has covered all of the biggest issues in the industry during this time with exclusive reports, articles, and interviews.

Before we embark on the next three months, let’s examine the top stories from Q1.

5. The Future of Edge Computing

In January 2019, the Linux Foundation launched LF Edge, a unified open source framework for edge computing that is vendor agonistic. LF Edge is a composite of five different projects, including an open source software stack, an IoT framework, an open glossary of edge computing information, an open source project for home devices, and an edge virtualization project. Enterprise Mobility Exchange interviewed Linux Foundation General Manager Arpit Joshipura about how enterprises should prepare for LF Edge, challenges that the project is trying to solve, and the future of edge computing.

4. 7 Mobile Security Bloggers To Follow

As enterprises experience an increase in mobile security issues, it’s time to hear from several experts in the field. Thankfully, there are many thought leaders in the mobile device security space. Some of them are industry-leading analysts, reporters, and even a group of college students. All of these bloggers provide astute analysis on the biggest mobile device security challenges and how to mitigate risks.

3. 9 Key Enterprise Mobility Challenges

There is a plethora of obstacles that could prohibit any mobile initiative in the enterprise from succeeding. Several of these challenges are so pervasive that Enterprise Mobility Exchange compiled a list of the leading ones. Some of the top mobility challenges on this list include fragmentation, budgeting, compliances, and lifecycle management.

2. 11 Best Practices To Improve Mobile Device Security

Mobile devices have become the primary gateway for cyber security attacks. There are numerous threats against mobile devices, including malicious apps, fake WiFi networks, phishing attacks, and malware infections. To help mitigate risks, Enterprise Mobility Exchange compiled a report featuring 11 of the best initiatives to enhance mobile device security, featuring advice from leading industry experts. The best practices in the report include stronger passwords, biometrics, encryption, and remote lock and date wipe.

1. Field Service Enterprise Leaders: Industry Survey Results

In a recent survey, Enterprise Mobility Exchange revealed numerous obstacles in field service, with many enterprises still leveraging antiquated legacy technology and manual paper-based processes. The results from the survey were featured in a report that included most the critical challenges for field service. The report also examined the goals and budget investments for field service resources that are dominating the industry, and how most organizations determine which field service technologies are important.