UX & Security: How To Achieve The Best Of Both Worlds

The motto in real estate is location, location, location. Today’s technology world has its own repetitive motto: security, security, security.

With enterprises needing to secure every bit of their data across myriad types of devices, the discussion of security in the workplace won’t stop, and is expanding rapidly.

That will be the focus for Brad Shafton, Director of User Services at Hologic, during his speaking engagement in Miami next week during the Mobile Cloud Computing and Security event hosted by Enterprise Mobility Exchange.

“I’ll be speaking about setting security baselines and must haves,” Shafton said. “Learning how to translate security to the business.”

Shafton’s speaking engagement is titled User Experience vs. Security: Achieving The Best of Both Worlds.

“Traditionally corporations have had to make sacrifices to user experiences for the sake of security, but those days have passed,” Shafton said. He’ll be discussing best practices for balancing a secure cloud environment with a “best-of-breed” user experience.

Shafton will be joined by many other IT executives who will be speaking on October 11 and 12 in Miami at the event, hosted by Enterprise Mobility Exchange. To see a list of other speakers who will be presenting key topics at the Exchange, go here.

The Exchange will include CIOs, CISOs, and security directors from across all industries, including keynote speakers and private networking opportunities. Find out more about the event here