Three Quickfire Questions With… The Head of Program Planning & Transformation Projects at Telecom Italia

Marco Daccó, Head of Program Planning & Transformation Projects at Telecom Italia, talks about how 2016 will be key for TI when it comes to digital issues.

As the year draws to a close, Marco Daccó, Head of Program Planning & Transformation Projects at Telecom Italia, talks to Enterprise Mobility Exchange about his mobility plans for 2016 and he provides his top tip for mobility leaders to win challenges in the new year.

Hi Marco, welcome back to EME! What will be your main enterprise mobility focus in the next 12 to 18 months, and how will this add value to your organisation?

We will continue to extend to all customer segments with the next wave of our digital programme (e.g. Enterprise & Top), the new platform and its paradigm.

At the same time we will continue to increase our software development cycle in order to address quicker business needs (e.g. agile programming) and to guarantee full compliance with the maximum level of security.

You’ve previously mentioned that the three key focuses within your role as Head of IT Program Planning are the company’s field service structure, remote working and the digital change within telecoms. For each of these points could you outline your greatest success relating to enterprise mobility so far?

Evolution of field services is not only a topic related to cost effectiveness or cost reduction, the concept of proximity, the capability to address customer needs on premises is a differentiating factor from peers and competitors. Our new workforce management system can guarantee to our technicians full interoperability with the back end system allowing for maximum problem solving for the customer.

For us, teleworking is a fantastic opportunity to use first-hand the advanced services of connectivity and knowledge sharing that are the basis of our enterprise offer, granting us an important loop that allows us to test products and understand the needs of a certain customer segments.

The year 2016 for digital issues will be a key year for us in, which we will land the effort of the last two years... let's meet here in 6 months!

What ultimate piece of advice can you give mobility leaders to help them leverage the benefits and business advantages of mobile technology within their enterprise in the new year?

We have previously talked about many topics in technology, the digital world, secure software production cycles, fleet management and mobile workforce.

However, I believe that the key point of change is never tied solely to technology but always linked to cultural mind-set with which you approach change. By creating "functional" operating modes that operate in practice and the constant focus of the C-level change are I think the best conditions for winning new challenges.