Digital Transformation Report Shows Market Drivers, Benefits, Risks, Challenges

6 Key Areas: AI, IoT, Cloud, Security, Data And Mobility

Steven Lerner

We arrived at the Enterprise Mobility Transformation Exchange in San Diego yesterday and during the opening cocktail reception had an opportunity to speak with numerous mobility and digital transformation leaders. Many are in different stages of their journey, but all are still actively looking at next gen opportunities to leverage technologies to transform their enterprises.

In August 2018, Enterprise Mobility Exchange published a report about the current state of digital transformation. Entitled Enterprise Evolution: How Transformation Is Shaping Business, the report focuses on the journeys that enterprises embark on, including when enterprises pinpoint needs and critical objectives, to the business drivers and the type of ROI that should be achieved.

The revolutionary report was written by Jeff Orr, freelance writer and emerging technology consultant. By incorporating data and expert advice, this report uncovers the various avenues to be traversed in digital transformation and how they converge. Specifically, the report highlights several key components of digital transformation, including artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning, cloud computing, internet of things (IoT), data analytics, mobility, security.

The Value Of This Digital Transformation Report

The true value of this report is with the insight provided by leading experts, including Ryan Martin, (Principal Analyst at ABI Research), Mark Bowker (Senior Analyst at ESG Global), Brad Shafton (Director of Innovation and UX for Hologic), and Kerry Dawes (Rank Groups’ Head Of Digital Experience). You would have to search far and wide just to find the type of immense knowledge from these thought leaders. The report itself gives a full breakdown of each component of digital transformation, including the market drivers, benefits, risks, and challenges of each area. More importantly, the report details how an enterprise should put its digital transformation plan into action, including ways that IT leaders should transform and how to embrace the cultural shift.

Examining The Role Of Security In Digital Transformation

Security is one of key components of digital transformation that is dissected in the report. Although enterprise security is nothing new when protecting data, applications, and devices, as enterprises adopt more digital transformation technologies, the approach to security must be altered. Security can not be an after-though, but rather needs to be included in the early stages of digital transformation. Cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), internet of things (IoT) , and blockchain — all carry increased vulnerabilities for organizations and therefore increased security protocol is necessary.

The report goes into great detail about the benefits of security in digital transformation, such as protecting data and revenue, as well as the various risks and challenges. Even if an enterprise has not tested the water yet with an advanced digital transformation solution, such as cloud computing, security remains a top concern.

Want To Learn More About Digital Transformation?

Before embarking on a digital transformation, an enterprise should identify the needs and objectives. Read about all of the other key technology components in Enterprise Mobility Exchange’s exclusive report on digital transformation.